General Assembly Boston - Hiring and Managing Virtual Teams

When: Wed November 14, 2012 7:30 pm

Organization: General Assembly Boston

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA


Hiring and Managing Virtual Teams

Mike Miller, Founder of Culture Adapt and So, Pick a Party

Wednesday, November 14th from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Entrepreneurs do it all; market research, collecting sales leads, SEO, cold emails, scheduling meetings, web development, etc. It can get overwhelming! What many don't realize is that there are cheap overseas contractors that can help you with anything from link building to MBA-quality market research reports.
Outsourcing some of the menial tasks (or even some of the difficult ones) can help to maximize your company's daily output and keep you working smarter, not harder.

There's just one catch: you have to find and hire the right workers. Language barriers, culture barriers, and communication problems can waste a lot of time. How do you quickly find the right virtual workers, and get the most out of them?

This class aims to answer that question, and specifically touches on:
  • How to find your team
  • How to write a good job description for a virtual team member
  • How to screen applicants quickly and effectively
  • What Skype interview questions to ask
  • How to set and manage expectations
  • How to manage documents
By the end of the class, each student will have created and posted job descriptions, and be ready to hire their own team of virtual contractors.

About the Instructor

Mike Miller is a globe-trotting entrepreneur and the founder of Culture Adapt and So, Pick A Party. He has worked and lived as an expat in Suzhou, China and traveled to over 30 countries. Prior to starting his own ventures, Mike earned a Chemical Engineering degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and worked in change management at a fortune 500 company. Now the President of Culture Adapt, he has trained many businesses and thousands of individuals in the basics of cultural competence.