General Assembly : Advanced Backbone.js Techniques

When: Tue February 19, 2013 7:00 pm

Organization: General Assembly Boston

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center (5th floor), One Broadway, Cambridge MA


Backbone is a powerful library for building client-side web applications, but its flexibility comes with a cost. Most real world applications are far more complex than the typical “To Do List” examples and tutorials, but Backbone provides little guidance on how to manage the structure and complexity of such applications. With this class, we’ll explore some common techniques for managing this complexity, and come up with a few ideas of our own!

This is an intermediate to advanced course. Students should have a solid 
understanding of JavaScript and HTML, and experience using Backbone previously.

Student Takeaways
Application Structure
• Modularizing using RequireJS
• Source code structure
• Events
• Build tools

• Validating data
• Relational data
• Presenters

• Filtering collections

• Child views
• Delegate views
• Specialization
• Template optimizations
• Avoiding memory leaks