GDG Boston - Developer Presentations App Engine

When: Tue January 15, 2013 6:00 pm

Organization: Google Developer's Group Boston

Location: EnerNOC Inc., 101 Federal Street, #1100, Boston, MA


Happy New Year!  We look forward to seeing you at our first meetup of the new year.
We'll start with a brief overview of Google App Engine and recent developments from Google and then showcase a variety of applications, including the following (order TBD):

Thom Nichols - environmental monitoring app written in Python using App Engine for the web and interface and a Raspberry Pi to collect data.  Thom is the team lead for EnerNOC Advanced Technology team.  He writes software to interface to hardware and helps develop standards for energy communication.  He spends a fair amount of his free time playing with AppEngine and Android.

John O'Brien - is a site which helps job seekers manage their job search.  Integrates with Google Docs and an open source message board.  John is a novice programmer who is learning Python by way of Google App Engine and the primary developer of

Justin Rennell - collaborative lunch planning app using Django & JQuery with AJAX API & email integration.  Justin is a software engineer at EnerNOC.

Dan Von Kohorn - an App Engine/Python project that includes authentication, admin, web scraping, content tagging, and a private twitter clone for taking notes. Dan is a software engineer and fund manager.  He's has been developing on App Engine since 2010.  His background is in finance and data mining.  He is also founder of the New England Artificial Intelligence group.