FutureM: How Marketing is Evolving for Small Businesses

When: Mon September 12, 2011 2:00 pm

Organization: Constant Contact

Location: MassChallenge Fan Pier 14th Floor Boston, MA 02110

Website: http://futurem.org/Calendar.aspx

Summary - As an entrepreneur, there's no doubt you've witnessed recent and massive marketing changes that have swept businesses of every size, in every industry, across the globe. These changes likely sound a bit scary to small businesses and organizations who are barely keeping their heads above water today with all the new tools at their disposal, but there will be good news. Small businesses are poised to take advantage of these coming changes with relative ease—and in many cases, more successfully than larger companies.
Event Partner -Constant Contact

Speakers -
Shelly Berman-Rubera, Founder and President, Small Business Results Tom Burgess, CEO, Clovr Media
Dan Gilmartin, VP, Sales & Marketing, WHERE
Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact (moderator)
Chris Mahl, SVP & Chief Brand Alchemist
Andy Miller, Founder & CEO, CardStar