BSS - Important People, Honest Conversations w/ David Cancel (HubSpot), Paris Wallace (Ovuline), & Carmichael Roberts (North Bridge VP)

When: Thu February 07, 2013 6:30 pm

Organization: Boston Startup School

Location: Boston Startup School, 290 Congress Street, Boston, MA


Please join us on Thursday, February 7th, for a night of honest conversation with David Cancel, Paris Wallace, and Carmichael Roberts. David, Paris, and Carmichael are serial entrepreneurs with experience in inbound marketing, health IT, and venture capital respectively.

Paris Wallace is President and CEO of Ovuline, a TechStars Boston company and Health IT startup that combines user’s self-reported health data with clinical guidelines to lead couples through the conception process allowing them to conceive in half the time. Additionally, Paris is also a co-founder of Good Start Genetics, a genomics technology company focused on fertiltly and reproductive health.

David is the Chief Product Officer at HubSpot. Before HubSpot, he was the CEO of Performable. Before Performable David was the co-founder and CTO of Lookery. Before Lookery, David was a founder and CTO at Compete. Before Compete, he was the CTO of BuyerZone. Before BuyerZone, David was part of the founding team of and part of Lycos...Serial Entrepreneur, indeed.

Carmichael Roberts is a VC at North Bridge Venture Partners. In addition to that, he also serves as co-founder and chairman of the nonprofit Diagnostics For All, where he is developing paper-based diagnostics to provide inexpensive options to marginalized patients globally. Carmichael has co-founded several other ventures, including Arsenal Medical, Nano-Terra, and Ancora.

We will be talking about their experiences as founders and executives, managing growth companies in different stages, and how they overcame challenges in their careers. Please join us for wine, beer and cheese at 6:30, and our conversation will begin around 7pm.