TCN - Breakfast Roundtable: Negotiation and Valuation

When: Wed November 14, 2012 9:00 am

Organization: The Capital Network

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center, Havana Room, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA


Entrepreneurs have always struggled to develop and defend early stage corporate valuations as they seek to raise equity financing. In today’s economic environment, where investors are strapped for cash and looking for the lowest risk alternatives, the already difficult task of defending your corporate valuation is nearly impossible. In this new financial world, how do entrepreneurs and investors ever arrive at common ground?

To help answer this question, entrepreneurial Founders, CEOs, CFOs and private investors are welcome at this once-a-year TCN Roundtable where valuation methodologies, metrics, tactics and tips are discussed by successful entrepreneurs, angels, venture capitalists and industry experts. A case study of a recent successful financing is examined to test your valuation abilities and acumen in real time. This program has challenged (and amused) even the most experienced entrepreneurs and investors over the years. Participants will participate in mock negotiations between an investors and entrepreneurs.