Boston Web Performance Group - Speaker: Dan Kuebrich - Caching Up and Down the Stack

When: Tue February 19, 2013 6:30 pm

Organization: Boston Web Performance Group

Location: Wayfair Offices, 177 Huntington Ave, Floor 24, Boston, MA


Whether you're looking to make your web app run faster or scale better, one great way to achieve both is to simply do less work.  How?  By using caches, the data hidey-holes which generations of engineers have thoughtfully left at key junctures in computing infrastructure from your CPU to the backbone of the internet. Requests into web applications, which span great distances and often involve expensive frontend and backend lifting are great candidates for caching of all types.  We'll discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of caching at different layers of the stack and how to find low-hanging cachable fruit, with a particular focus on server-side improvements.  In particular, I'll examine full-page caching and object caching with memcache/redis.

Dan Kuebrich is a web performance geek, currently working on Application Performance Management at AppNeta.  He was previously a founder of Tracelytics (acquired by AppNeta), and before that worked on AmieStreet/


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