Boston Web Performance Group - Speaker: Asad Ali - Optimizing the Development and Load Test Cycle

When: Thu November 15, 2012 6:30 pm

Organization: Boston Web Performance Group

Location: Wayfair Offices - 177 Huntington Ave 177 Huntington Ave Floor 24 Boston, MA


ISSUE: With load testing teams conducting more and more grey box/white box testing instead of pure black box testing, they could use tools that not only generate real-user load on applications but also provide insight into the root causes of performance problems. In complex applications that use Web 2.0 and AJAX, the performance bottleneck in the application can be caused by browser elements (javascript, rendering, object caching, third party content), server side elements (methods, remoting calls, web services), network or database layer (SQL). Today’s load testing tools are sophisticated enough to generate a variety of load on the application but they do not provide the insight into the root cause of the slow application performance under load. Moreover, they do not identify the exact application tier (browser, server side, databases) and the components within the tier that is main cause of the performance problems. The lack of this information makes it difficult for application development, test and release cycle to do their jobs more efficiently.

PRESENTATION: Using slides and live demos, our presenter will show how dynaTrace technology, specifically the “Test Center Edition” helps the load testing team to quickly identify the bottlenecks in the application and conveniently share the data with the development and architecture group. We’ll provide a live demo using Selenium load testing tool to generate transactions starting from the browser and all the way to the database. Using Selenium and dynaTrace will allow the attendees to see end to end transactions and will show how dynaTrace captures every transaction and generates data that enables load testing teams to quickly find the root cause of performance issues. We’ll also provide examples and best practices on sharing this information across departments (i.e. with development, production, QA operators, etc.) in a way that provides complete access to the performance issues but without the need to actually reproduce the problem.

AUDIENCE TAKEAWAYS: By the end of the session, attendees will come away with an understanding of how they can use existing load testing tools in combination with dynaTrace to significantly improve mean-time-to-resolution as well as time-to-market for the applications they are building. Attendees can test drive dynaTrace for free, including automating performance tests, using the dynaTrace AJAX Edition available here:

(1) DynaTrace works seamlessly with industry standard load testing tools including Load Runner, Gomez 360, Silk Performer, JMeter, Selenium.

Speaker Bio:

Asad Ali is a Senior System Engineer at Compuware APM division. He has over 15 yearsof experience in object oriented technologies and databases including Java and Oracle. For the past 3 years, Asad has been working closely with APM customers to help integrate Compuware APM tools intheir load testing environment. Previous to that, he built complex enterprise applications using J2EE,Javascript, OLTP databases and XML. Asad is an avid runner and uses his running hobby to explore new cities whenever he visits customers’ sites.


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6:30-7:15 Eat pizza and meet other members
7:15-8:15 Presentation
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