Boston Web Performance Group - Analyzing the Impact of Content and SEO on Performance

When: Tue January 15, 2013 6:30 am

Organization: Boston Web Performance Group

Location: Wayfair Offices, 177 Huntington Ave, Floor 24, Boston, MA


We know that customers are more likely to leave a slower page, but is there a correlation between the content and the types of content on a page and how that page performs? How about a correlation to Search Engine Optimization? These were the questions we wanted to find answers to here at Yottaa. In order to find out we measured 10's of thousands of sites and then analyzed the results. We looked at different styles of sites with a wide range of content types like javascript files, images, media, and social widgets. The results were interesting and at the same time a bit surprising. While it confirmed that more content can lead to lower performance, it also improved SEO rankings under some conditions. In this talk we will show you the data we collected, and talk about what we found: what works on web sites and what doesn't, how to get your customers to engage more with your site, how to understand why they go away, and how to ensure that they stay.

Matt Williams has been sharing his passion for technology with others for a long time. Now he is doing that as the Technical Evangelist for Yottaa, a Boston-based web performance and security firm. His job is to get developers and designers thinking about web performance and making it a priority rather than just someone else's job. Before moving to Boston to spread word of Yottaa, he traveled the world getting users, administrators, and developers up to speed with OpenText, and held Sales Engineering and Product Management roles at Microsoft.