Boston Software Engineers - The Future is Real Time with IBT Technologies

When: Wed November 14, 2012 6:30 pm

Organization: Boston Software Engineers

Location: 711 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA


Title: Realtime (IBT) Makes “Live Web” a Reality for Websites & Mobile Apps

The “Live Web” is now a reality for websites and mobile apps.  Realtime ( has developed and deployed a new technology that facilitates the transition from the currently static Web to the “live Web” -- one that is instantaneously updated worldwide within milliseconds.

Sergio Costa, Realtime’s Developer Evangelist and Network Developer Manager, will demonstrate the company’s Messaging System & Framework that features xRTML (extensive Realtime multiplatform language – that converts existing static HTML code into Realtime “live Web” delivery – with no need to ever refresh.

xRTML works on cross multiple browsers, devices, protocols and platforms -- NODE.JS, Javascript,, Java, PHP and more, plus Mobiles iOS, Android and Windows Phone -- and automatically adapts to future ones.  Using its messaging system and framework, Realtime powers 80 million user connections at 2,000 clients worldwide, with peak delivery surpassing one million messages per second.

Join Sergio and learn more about this exciting technology that leading research firm, Gartner named 2012 “Cool Vendor” ( Read the TechCrunch story about the company’s recent launch into the US
with a $100 Million investment to help build the real-time web:


Evening's Agenda:

6:30-7:15 p.m.:  Food & Networking

7:15-9:00 p.m.:  Realtime Presentation / Q&A


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