Boston PHP - The Reverse Startup

When: Wed February 06, 2013 7:00 pm

Organization: Boston PHP

Location: Microsoft NERD Center, 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142


Join Michael Bourque for a look into his new Meetup Group called "The Reverse Startup."

Do you have an invention for a new product or service?

This new Meetup Group will explore how startups are born, make them happen, and show the world how it's done the open source way...

I meet all sorts of people with great ideas for products, innovations, and businesses. But most don't know how to move their idea forward. I currently have 25 unique startup ideas that I have no time to build myself. Every one of these startups is exciting, solves a real problem, comes with a domain name, product design templates, pitch/demo, software specifications, working prototype, UX screens, as well as an audience just waiting to get their hands on it.

The idea is that an team band around an idea and build it as an open source project. We will share the code and the showing of how it is being built. The ultimate goal is to share this process as a reality show from our website. Think "American Idol" for startups.

Anyone interested can contribute to the project, as all across America people watch our startup in the making. We will teach and learn as we go. Together, we can show the world cooperative entrepreneurship, and move our ideas forward with a bold and progressive process of developing ideas into reality--by doing things in Reverse!

I would love to tell you more. Please join us for our first meeting, Feb 6 at the Microsoft NERD Center. Bring your ideas, your curiosity, your energy and creativity!