The Boston MySQL Meetup Group - The Boston MySQL Meetup Group Monthly Meetup

When: Mon November 12, 2012 7:00 pm

Organization: The Boston MySQL Meetup Group

Location: MIT 32-141 (Stata Center) Room 32-D463 32 Vassar Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge, MA


With MySQL environments, horizontal scaling, load balancing, caching and firewalling are all achievable but require constant and ongoing modifications to applications.  With the forced 1:1 connection relationship between app servers and MySQL servers, making changes to database architecture (e.g., multi-master or sharding) requires manipulating many moving parts and can involve many people across the organization (e.g., developers, architects, Operations, DBAs, etc.).  In addition, there is a severe lack of real-time instrumentation and real-time Analytics for all SQL queries flowing between the application servers and MySQL database servers, which makes troubleshooting a cumbersome and timely process.

In this talk, you will learn how ScaleArc has developed transparent MySQL Server infrastructure software that achieves instant horizontal scaling, clustering and load balancing, connection multiplexing and connection pooling, transparent query-level caching, wire-speed filtering and higher availability…without requiring any changes or modifications to applications or MySQL databases at any point in time.  In addition, ScaleArc provides real-time tools and Analytics to quickly troubleshoot problem queries, and then allows the user to take action to fix them.  A live demo will
be provided, and customer case studies will be discussed.