Boston MongoDB User Group - 25,000 SQL Tables Into One MongoDB Collection with Richard Minney (IBE)

When: Mon January 21, 2013 7:00 pm

Organization: Boston MongoDB User Group

Location: Brightcove Office, 290 Congress Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA


  • Richard Minney, co-founder of will discuss his integration of MongoDB into his business management software.
  • 25,000 SQL tables into one mongoDB collection
  • Most people use mongo for social media apps, logging/monitoring and other applications. No-one has attempted to construct an entire ERP system on MongoDB until came along. Rather than 25,000 SQL tables (approx. number of SQL tables in both SAP and Oracle ERP)
  • has crunched its ERP design down to an estimated 500 deep nested business objects. But this still poses enormous challenges for a schema-less database like mongo, with more joins that you can shake a stick at. Learn from's founders why they selected mongo over conventional SQL for their enterprise backbone, how they overcame schema design, referential integrity, de-normalization and joins with innovative work-arounds, and some new challenges in their future such as guaranteeing multi-phased commits