The Boston Java Meetup Group - Java and UI: Sencha GXT & Modularization

When: Tue December 11, 2012 7:00 pm

Organization: The Boston Java Meetup Group

Location: Akamai Technologies Inc, 8 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA


Sencha GXT is a JavaScript front end that is written in java but compiled to JavaScript. It is built on the google get framework and has solid server communications protocols such as asynchronous call as well as RPC. However instead of using the get front end library it has it own rich UI library. It also includes a charting library. Java developers often struggle with non-java front ends such as JavaScript etc. CMX build an RIA for the financial industry using gxt. As the feedback was very positive. If its of interest to your members I'd be willing to provide a full demo walk through of our experience using Sencha GXT including pros and cons.