The Boston Java Meetup Group - Java and the Cloud

When: Tue November 13, 2012 6:30 pm

Organization: The Boston Java Meetup Group

Location: Akamai Technologies Inc, 8 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA


Java and the Cloud

Lots is being said these days about Cloud Computing but not too much about how Java fits in the picture. The good news is that Java is exceptionally well positioned for Cloud, and as a developers, is expected that we know how to harvest this potential.

This “Java and the Cloud” talk is centered around the Java developer, explaining the real benefits of cloud for us, in particular when it comes to Platform as a Service (PaaS).


What’s going on today around Java in the Cloud that I should know?

Cloud is not necessarily a technical revolution, if you think that Cloud is just a fancy name to glue together many things that existed before, you are not very far from the truth. Cloud is more a focus shift in the way we think about resources and how we leverage them rather than a technological disruption. Having said that, It is having a tremendous impact on Java development and delivery; which we have to understand and use in our favor.


As a Java developer, Why should I care?

In the last years you were following, studying, and/or adopting OOP, UML, JEE, EJB, TDD, J2ME, IoC, AOP, EDA, EAI, SOA, WEB2.0, WOA, AJAX, REST, ESB, Android, IaaS and many other acronyms, now there is a new one that may change how you think about software and infrastructure, and that term is: PaaS (Platform as a Service).

PaaS is a key accelerator for developers, and there a few PaaS technologies like OpenShift that integrate much better with Java than others.




- Cloud Unmasked, myth and reality; and What is Java’s place in the Cloud?

- Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds and their sub-types: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

- Why should I care as a Java developer? The answer is PaaS.

- Demo Time: Not all PaaS technologies are optimized for Java, only OpenShift unleashes the full power of Java and JEE, let me show you why and how.

- Mini Tutorial: No need to learn new tools to take advantage of PaaS. Thanks to OpenShift it is Business as Usual for a developer coding a traditional Java app on the cloud.

- Explanation by Live Examples: Why OpenShift + JBoss represent the best PaaS for Java out there? Let me prove it.

- Q&A

- Final Conclusions