Boston Hadoop - Hadoop with Enterprise Resiliency, Interactivity, and SQL

When: Thu February 21, 2013 6:00 pm

Organization: Boston Hadoop User Group

Location: hack/reduce, 275 3rd St., Cambridge, MA 02142


The Boston Hadoop User Group invites you to an evening meet-up and cocktail hour in Cambridge. Join Patrick Toole, SE Manager at Hadapt, and Rob Rosen, Director of Technical Services at MapR, as they discuss how businesses are accelerating Hadoop into production via interactive applications and enterprise features and functionality. Patrick and Rob will outline the way companies are combining Hadapt and MapR to empower business analysts with SQL access to the burgeoning Hadoop ecosystem. The combination of advanced SQL analytics, full text search, and machine learning on one unified platform is delivering insights previously unimaginable. Patrick and Rob will highlight several examples of customers in various markets taking advantage of these groundbreaking innovations.

Be sure to reserve your seat now:

• Thursday, February 21 @ 6-8pm
• Hack/Reduce facility: 275 Third Street, Cambridge, MA
• 6pm – cocktails and hors d'oeuvres
• 7pm – Hadapt and MapR presentations, followed by interactive Q&A