TrueLens raises $1.2M in funding
Monday, December 3, 2012
Cambridge, MA
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As reported by TechCrunch, TrueLens has raisesd $1.2M in funding.  The funding round was led by Google Ventures, with funding from Charles River Ventures, Common Angels, 500 Startups, and Boston Seed, and from angel investors, including HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah, Tremor SVP Waikit Lau, InfoChimps co-founder Nick Ducoff, and John Simon, former board member at BzzAgent and m-Qube.

TrueLens is a division of SocMetrics and their technology helps brands understand high-value truths about their business by empowering them to address the human side of their customers: their interests, expressions, desires and preferences.

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TrueLens helps marketers grow profitable customer relationships through social behavioral data and predictive analytics solutions.

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