MediaSilo and Wiredrive Merge and Raise $7M
Thursday, February 9, 2017
Digital Platform
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MediaSilo and Wiredrive announced today the close of their merger, forming the world’s largest SaaS platform for video-driven creative workflows with more than 1,800 enterprise customers worldwide. The joint entity has raised $7M from Boston-based Schooner Capital to support rapid growth and build the next generation of rich media collaboration tools for production, post-production, agencies, and brands.
“The challenges around collaboration, media management, and security are strikingly similar across our verticals," says Kai Pradel, CEO of MediaSilo. "We are able to use our expertise and resources to focus on building the new generation of best-of-breed tools to support an explosion in content creation."
Wiredrive is the leading platform among agencies and brands to present work-in-progress, video reels and manage library content, while MediaSilo’s expertise lies in providing secure video collaboration tools and pre-release content delivery to the post-production market, including many of the largest media companies in the world. The two companies are merging to combine product development resources and execute on a common vision, focusing on innovation.... READ MORE