Jisto Raises $2.45M In Funding
Friday, February 12, 2016
Infrastructure & Storage

Jisto, a novel enterprise solution for maximizing computer resource utilization, today closed $2.45 million in seed financing led by Boston-based .406 Ventures. Jisto will debut its Elastic Workload Manager at Container World 16 in Santa Clara, CA on February 17-18.

Most servers, whether physical, virtual or cloud-based, are only 20 percent utilized, leaving a huge amount of stranded capacity in data centers. The Jisto Elastic Workload Manager uniquely monitors the resources being used by all applications in real-time and deploys additional workloads into the idle capacity whenever possible. By grabbing and yielding resources in real-time, Elastic Workload Manager mitigates resource contention and allocates resources to higher-priority applications to support peak loads...READ MORE