Diffeo Acquires Meta Search
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Big Data & Analytics
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Diffeo, a knowledge discovery company, today announced that it has acquired Meta Search, a Boston-based startup offering cutting-edge search technology. The Meta Search team and search platform will be integrated into Diffeo to create a powerful combination of search and discovery tools. Meta Search's product has been renamed Diffeo Cloud Search as a new part of Diffeo's platform.

Diffeo's content discovery platform accelerates research analysts by applying text analytics and machine intelligence algorithms to users' in-progress files, so that it can recommend content that fills in knowledge gaps -- often before the user thinks of searching. Diffeo acts as a personal research assistant that scours both the user's files and the Internet. The company describes its technology as collaborative machine intelligence.

Diffeo and Meta's services complement each other. Meta provides unified search across the content on all of a user's cloud platforms and devices. Diffeo's Advanced Discovery Toolbox displays recommendations alongside in-progress documents to accelerate the work of research analysts by uncovering key connections... READ MORE