Data3Sixty Acquired by Infogix
Thursday, February 16, 2017
Big Data & Analytics
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Infogix, Inc., a data and analytics software provider, has acquired Data3Sixty, the leading cloud-based data governance provider. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Businesses are striving for improved transparency into their data, in many cases turning to governance and business driven solutions to gain knowledge, value and visibility. Data3Sixty streamlines and socializes business impacting concepts around data. By taking a user-friendly approach, Data3Sixty helps enterprises define data, access expertise, and understand the usage and impact around one of a company’s more important assets. The end-result provides a holistic view of data from both a business and technical perspective while also ensuring the appropriate data access controls are in place.

Data3Sixty’s streamlined approach ensures quick time-to-market by providing a cloud-based deployment with a low level of internal IT dependencies. Data3Sixty’s intuitive platform provides “day one” value by automatically connecting to value-add content sources and making that information immediately available to end-users. Data3Sixty provides a unique ability to synthesize and visualize information about data in a manner which is easy to understand, making the platform a true differentiator in the data governance marketplace... READ MORE