Arxan Technologies Acquires Apperian
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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Today is a big day in Apperian history. We are excited to share that Arxan Technologies has completed its acquisition of Apperian. Together, we will establish a new bar for enabling organizations to truly leverage the full potential of apps -mobile, IoT, desktop, and server- and reaching all possible users and devices. By securely deploying any app to any device, we’re able to reach users and devices in a secure way simply not possible with traditional technologies.

From the day of our founding, Apperian has taken a different approach from most others in the industry. While other vendors were focused on locking down mobile devices, Apperian developed an ingenious way to apply security and management policy at the app level. This enables apps to travel safely wherever they are needed and, as a result, we’re able to reach 100% of all possible end users – whether or not the device is enrolled in a corporate device management solution. Hundreds of enterprise customers have entrusted us to enable nearly three million app deployments… and that number will continue to increase... READ MORE