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We create great, easy-to-use tools that help small businesses and nonprofits do online marketing—and get amazing results. But we don’t just offer tools to help them create email newsletters, surveys, events, Facebook promotions, online listings, and more. We also provide the award-winning support and free marketing resources to help them use them effectively and successfully.

Where it all started

Constant Contact was founded as “Roving Software” in 1995, in a cramped attic in Brookline, Massachusetts. Back then, email was just a way for friends to communicate online. But our founders saw what it could be: a valuable marketing tool that would help small businesses level the playing field in the battle against big business.

But we didn’t just stop at email. We added online surveys, event management, social campaigns, local deals, and online listings management.

It probably goes without saying, but we left that attic a long time ago. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, we also call Colorado, Florida, New York City, San Francisco, and London home as well.

To support it all, we ramped up our coaching and support operations, adding online chat, email, and tons of local classes and seminars for face-to-face local learning. It’s what sets us apart from our competition in a really major way.

Through it all, we kept to our mission: to empower small businesses and nonprofits to grow customer relationships and succeed.

What’s next? 

Every day we find new ways to build on our commitment to small businesses. That doesn’t just mean more powerful tools and new services; it’s initiatives like our Small Business Innovation Loft. It’s a free program designed to support startups and help them bring ideas that could benefit small businesses and nonprofits to market. That’s the vision for Constant Contact’s future; more opportunities to revolutionize the formula for small business success.

Product Training & Customer Operations co-op


Why did you choose Constant Contact?

I didn’t know too much about the company prior to applying. However, once I came in to interview, I got to see what the company was like, what the people were like, and learn more about the culture. It sold me.

What did you learn from the co-op program?

I always thought work had to be very serious and stiff, and that’s kind of how I was at the beginning of the internship. But then I learned that you can have a little fun. It makes your experience better and makes your work better because you’re able to build real relationships with people. I’m even able to be friendly with my boss, which I never thought could happen. We’re able to laugh about things but still can be serious when we need to get things done. It’s a great balance.

I also went from organizing webinars to leading my own. In fact, everything that could go wrong did go wrong in the first one I led. I learned to problem-solve on the fly and it ended up going well. I think it set me up to be more successful for the webinars that followed.

 How do you think your experiences here will shape your future and career?

I’m so thankful, even to this day, because the culture and people have been so great. I’m worried that I won’t find another company like this. Everyone is respectful and makes you feel like a part of the team, even as an intern or co-op. I’m taken seriously here and given opportunities to work on big products with different departments. It even allows me to have a say on projects, which I didn’t think I would have coming into this. It really built my confidence in my skills and ideas.

What was the most impactful scenario during your time here?

I’m naturally a shy person and not overly outgoing, but Constant Contact is very big on relationships and offers ways to naturally build those. Some things we’ve done were team meetings, bonding exercises (like a fun Lego team building one), dinners, and more. It made it easy and more comfortable to get to know people.

For example, in the beginning I’d just quietly take notes at meetings. Now, I feel comfortable and empowered to speak up. It also helped me feel comfortable enough to start leading live webinars, which can be intimidating. The relationship-building helped me do better in my job, overall.

Talent Acquisition Co-Op

What did you learn from this program?

It reaffirmed that I’m a big people person because I had to interact with people constantly at work.

I learned how to manage myself with self-directed work. I figured out what steps I needed to take to get the end the result. It was interesting to see how I was empowered to take action on my decisions and make it happen.

My main work experience was in retail, and working here was hugely different. In a professional setting, you have to know how to be accountable for yourself and make sure you show up on time, invest in your day, and manage your workload on your own.

Why did you choose Constant Contact?

I saw your mission and that seemed really cool because I’m from a city that has a ton of small businesses. Our economy thrives off them. So I checked out the website and thought this seemed like a great company to work for.

How do you think your experiences here will shape your future and career?

It gave me more understanding of professionalism, as far as how to communicate and behave and how to get the message across to different people.

I learned that change is always constant and being able to adapt and deal with change is a top skill to learn. Being flexible will help me roll with the punches for both school and work.  

You have to be able to absorb the culture and take it with you wherever you go. You are a spokesperson for the company and culture, even off the clock.

What was the most impactful scenario during your time here?

When I was able to talk to people at Northeastern and say, “Hey, come get my job. I can tell you all about it.” When people were able to ask me what the job is and if they’d be a fit, and I was able to vouch for it and advocate for it, it showed me that I really knew what I was doing. I was able to talk to my peers and confidently say they should come here, this is why it’s awesome, and this is why it helps small businesses and non-profits. To be able to articulate it in a way that interested them was really important.

Talent Acquisition Co-Op

What did you learn from this program?

Working in talent acquisition (and specifically sourcing) has helped me get out of my shell a little bit more. Reaching out to people who aren’t necessarily looking for a job was hard in the beginning, but when I realized I was playing a valuable role in Constant Contact’s recruiting efforts and was helping candidates change the course of their careers, things became easier. Even though it was a little awkward or difficult for me to reach out to people at first, it helped me become more outgoing throughout the course of my co-op.

After being in retail, I realized that it’s not too different from Constant Contact. It’s all about customer service, and that’s what Constant Contact’s primary focus is. I didn’t realize how many people can be considered “customers” aside from people paying for a product/service. On our team, our customers are our candidates and hiring managers. It’s interesting to see how I was able to apply those same skills to a different customer-base.

Why did you choose Constant Contact?

As the great-granddaughter of immigrants who opened a small grocery store during the great depression, Constant Contact’s mission really resonated with me. Coming to work each day knowing I’m able to have a positive impact on small businesses makes me feel like I’m a part of something special. Also, when I came in to interview, I really connected with the people here which was much different than the other experiences I had during interviews.

How do you think your experiences here will shape your future and career?

Learning how Constant Contact treats people, develops people, and leads people is going to stay with me. From the beginning, I felt like a valued and respected part of the team and moving forward I’m going to do what I can to foster that same kind of environment wherever I go.  My co-op also showed me what good leadership looks like and that it’s possible to be professional, approachable, and fun all at the same time. I hope to use these experiences to nourish a culture of fun and productivity at future opportunities.

What was the most impactful scenario during your time here?

In the beginning, I had no experience in recruiting and wasn’t even sure it was something I could do. But after casually talking to someone on a random bus ride back to Boston from NYC about the company and why I loved working there, my outlook changed. I was able to pique his interest and it ultimately led to him joining our team. I would have never expected to get a hire while traveling, so it showed me that I was able to represent Constant Contact as a great place to work no matter where I was or what I was doing. I realized how passionate I am about Constant Contact and how much I care about the mission. Through that passion, I was able to build my confidence as a recruiter. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Intern

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture? 

People are free to be themselves – be creative, think outside the box, wear what they want, be passionate about what they do!

What’s the best way to get a job at Constant Contact?  

All of our open roles are always posted on our career site but we get about 45% of our hires from employee referrals, so if you know someone here, ask them to refer you!

What can someone expect during the interview process?

We usually start with a recruiter phone screen and then, depending on the role, an interview with the hiring manager and a few key folks on the team.  That typically means two on-site interviews.

What can people expect over the course of their career at Constant Contact? 

There is always room to learn and grow within your current role or expand into something new altogether.

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of the office?

The number of employees who support our corporate giving events is something we’re particularly proud of. There are some youth and entrepreneurship-focused charities that we support on an ongoing basis  throughout the year, such as our involvement with More Than Words.  Other employee volunteer initiatives involve a one-day commitment, such as our annual participation in the TUGG Tech Gives Back volunteer day. The spirit of volunteerism is a key element of our  company culture.

What is in your fridge or on tap?

We always have free soda, flavored waters, and juice, along with some beer and wine.  And it seems like every week there’s a free lunch delivered for a team or two in the company.                

Do you have any unique benefits or perks? 

We have outstanding benefits for health, wellness and vacation.  Seriously, we do! Fitness Reimbursements, Pet Insurance, Matching gift donations, and tuition reimbursement just to name a few.

Do you have names for your conference rooms?  Is there a theme or explanation behind the names? 

All of our conference rooms are named after local locations or landmarks like Castle Island and Fenway Park in our Waltham office, Estes Park and Pikes Peak in Loveland, Donkey Kong and Mario Bros in SF and Wall Street and Times Square in NYC.





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