Technology Trends

Scratch Wireless: Cambridge Startup Vows to Make Mobile Service Free. Rolls Out Android Device

New Android Device Delivers Unprecedented Value for Smartphone Customers

A $7 Trillion Opportunity: RE.WORK Presents Boston’s Next Generation of IoT Disruptors

The RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit is a unique opportunity to meet influential technologists, data scientists, engineers, leading industry players and entrepreneurs in the same room.

A Crystal Ball for Email and Communication

Computers, machines, robots - technology overall - are continuing to create new ways to help us humans be better at, well, being human.

Stack Dive: The Evolution Of Wayfair's Stack

Jack Wood and I, CIO and Chief Architect of Wayfair, spoke at Stackdive last night. Here's an overview of our presentation.

Exploring The Latest Trends in Mobile Development with Wayne Chang

This week we learned from Wayne Chang, serial entrepreneur, mentor, hacker, angel investor and currently the Head of Product Marketing for Twitter’s mobile platform, Fabric.

Why we released a better product for free (and maybe you should, too)

When you’re part of a SaaS pricing company, releasing a free SaaS product has a bit of irony—especially when you’ve aggressively argued about the misuse of freemium before.

Stack Dive: Appcues’ Serverless Stack

The first line of Appcues code was written in late-December 2013, amid the heyday of javascript’s renaissance.

On-Demand Dining: New App Launched to Bring Fresh Meals to Your Door

Bite Kite, a recently launched on-demand meal delivery service, is offering up a daily-changing eclectic menu for Bostonians.

Land of the Giants…

The 4Q14 venture industry fundraising data (compiled by the National Venture Capital Association) were just released which always makes me sit up straight and take notice – it’s kind of an industry scorecard.

Is Apple Pay’s Biggest Competitor Right Here in Boston?

Living without a wallet is a hot trend in the world of technology these days. There’s SoftCard, Google Wallet and most recognizably, Apple Pay.

StackDive: Local Event Transforms into an Online Knowledge Sharing Platform

Local startups take center stage, leading a group discussion around the incredible tech powering what they’re building.

2015 Tech Growth Equity Outlook

What is in store after a transformational year in 2014?

Uberfied Car Wash? On Its Way…

The origin of a startup is always a fun topic...

Get to Know Wearables: How Apple Watch and Others Are Defining the Market

Last month, we discussed the seemingly inevitable movement of the Internet of Things (IoT). The movement took another large leap this month with the announcement out of Silicon Valley: the Apple Watch.

Trends in the Information Security Industry - Q&A with Mark Spoto, Razor's Edge

The cybersecurity industry is emerging as perhaps the hottest technology sector from an innovation perspective. Many of the behemoths of the high-tech world offer security solutions and services to their customers.

Three reasons why the new Nokia Android smartphones will make waves in emerging markets

Following months of rumors surrounding a potential Android device in the works, Nokia unveiled its first ever Android smartphones at Mobile World Conference today in Barcelona...

Traveling Across the Northeast with Wanderu

Planning for my day-to-day events is not something I do often, and when I do, I want to do it in the quickest, easiest way possible. I’ll put all the time and effort I have into a business...

"A Giant Hairball of Perverse Incentives..."

The best thing about going back to school is to think big thoughts, immerse oneself in what the great academic minds are ruminating over. This past weekend Harvard Business School...

Three Impediments to the Internet of Things

The technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) falls into four broad categories: sensors, software, platforms, and networks and connections.  Most of the technology is at a...

Mobile web usage increases worldwide

Nearly three quarters of the world’s Internet users accessed the web from a mobile browser monthly last year, and according to estimates from eMarketer, over 90% of global...

Google Glass: Not Ready for Prime Time

I am less than a week into using Google Glass and am convinced this device is 1+ years away from being ready for the typical technical consumer, and 3-5 years from the mainstream...

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014)

The short version: the below graphic is the latest incarnation of my marketing technology landscape supergraphic (click for a high-resolution 2600×1950 version, 4.7MB). It represents...

2014: The Year of Results

A year ago, I felt 2013 would be the Year of Grit - a year characterized by toughing things out in uncertain times.  Well, we certainly did that, and 2013 has ended up looking...

Big Data & Predictive Analytics: A Conversation with Doug Levin, Quant5

Magnetude recently met with Doug Levin, CEO of Quant5, a SaaS startup dedicated to improving the revenue and cost performance of customer-facing operations through an...

2014 Predictions for the Cloud

I’m still laughing at everyone who predicted that telcos will rule the cloud, so thought I’d try my hand at my own predictions. But unlike everyone else, I’m going to update...

Global Mobile Outlook

Ericsson recently released its latest mobility report, and its outlook for global mobile growth is astounding. According to the report, there were 113 million new mobile subscriptions...

The Future Of Quantified Self

I have been working on passive and non-passive mobile tracking for the majority of my career. Up until this point, I have always felt that the majority of all tracking solutions...

10 Immutable Laws of Cloud Computing

Kepler has his law of planetary motions, Newton his law of gravity, and Einstein his theory of relativity. I’d like to announce my own contribution to the physical laws of the universe...

Online Video is Exploding – and Boston Firms are Lighting the Fuse

The rich media revolution is here. Demand for video content continues to grow, and thanks to smartphones (and webcams) nearly everyone can be a video star. Meanwhile...

Is Gravity Skeuomorphic?: And Other Thoughts on Transitioning to iOS7

Our Take - Deep thoughts on the iOS7 design have been pretty limited so far. Focused mostly on outrage about neon colors, lamenting a plague of flat design and minimalism...