Lessons Learned

Leadership Lessons: Powering the Futures of Rwanda's Girls

Tackling the current statistic of over 62 million young women without the opportunity for education is no easy feat, but by harnessing technology, Komera is poised to roll down this number once and for all.

Great Leaders Aren't Born. They're Made.

For companies who are dedicated to building a pipeline of leaders, Intelligent.ly EMERGE is back!

Land a "Wicked Smaht" Scholarship to Launch Academy

The Innovating Boston Coding Scholarship to Launch Academy is up for grabs!

Managing an Agency Business

How many agencies do you think there are in the Boston area? There are literally hundreds!

5 Takeaways From "Success In Mobile" at Raizlabs

Experts in the world of mobile spit some knowledge at our event last night with Raizlabs!

The Changing CMO Agenda: Making Customer-Obsessed Marketing Your Strategy

To be able to put a face to your customers is priceless...

Connect. Create. Innovate.

The Future of Marketing!

Keeping that Fire in the Belly Feeling

I’ve been mentoring a company founder who is very disturbed to find her normally abundant energy flagging.

5 Takeaways From #INBOUND15

HubSpot isn’t slowing down on innovation. 

Email Marketing Your Content for Success

Reaching out to your audience can be an art unto itself. If you’re like most marketers, you have spent hours agonizing over the finer points of an outreach email...

The Mobile Browser: The App That Is Eating All The Other Apps

It’s in the DNA of Americans to be mobile. Perpetually in motion. Advancing. Exploring. Moving ahead.

There's Tech Life at the other end of the Red Line

Everyone's familiar with the success of start-ups in Cambridge, and the importance of pathways like the Red Line and Alewife for fueling growth.

What Makes a Great Consumer Startup Marketer?

We continue to hear the sentiment that it’s really tough to build a great consumer startup in Boston...

Fundraising Explained: Implementing Your Early-Stage Financing Needs

Understanding the general lingo surrounding startup fundraising is of fundamental importance to the entrepreneur both when considering a raise and speaking with business contacts

5 SaaS-ready revenue models you should know about

In addition to the many obvious reasons for pursuing a SaaS model over a perpetual or on-premises model, the variety of available revenue models provides an even more compelling rationale for an ISV.

Intelligent.ly: Creating a Culture of Learning

Talk to any founder around Boston and the number one item they say success hinges on is the team...

Winner Takes All?

The juxtaposition to what we are seeing today in the private capital markets in healthcare technology is striking

5 Common Mistakes to avoid during Investor Presentations

Making a great first impression is critical to traction when presenting to investors who have heard hundreds, if not thousands of qualified entrepreneurs pitch their companies.

The Benefits Of A SaaS Transformation (Both The Obvious And Non-Obvious)

And why all Applications Software Companies will soon be SaaS


Diary of a Kickstarter: Postmortem, Part II. In which I open the kimono. Again.

There’s a million Kickstarter success stories out there. I call it success porn. I wanted to write a post about one that didn’t make it. 

Corporate Or Startup: Where Should You Start Your Career?

Looking for a job after graduation? Should you go Corporate or Startup???

Diary of a Kickstarter: Post Mortem Part I. In which I open the kimono

Why Crowdfunding?

What is “Business Development”?

Confusion around the term “Business Development”

What Kinds of Jobs Are Recent Grads Actually Landing?

“This week, I read about 20 different job descriptions, applied to 15 of them, and I have no idea what I would actually be expected to do if I were to get any of those jobs.”

A Different Kind of Value

In the venture capital business we spend a great deal of time discussing company valuations. It’s an intellectual art, focused on business potential, the marketplace, the competitive landscape, and the entrepreneurs.

Introducing the "Definitive" Guide to Business Development and Partnerships

Demystifying the World of “Biz Dev”

What's a Good Job? How to Think About Your First Role

Finding your ideal first job can be tough. Really tough. Finding any job is hard. And while you certainly don't have to settle for any job, you shouldn't pass up good jobs because they're not ideal jobs.

How Zappos and Squarespace Survived Early Hiring Disasters

They may be two of the best places to work in tech now, but in the early days Zappos and Squarespace may have cost themselves millions by making two key hiring mistakes.

Can Pre-Seed Capital Hurt an Entrepreneur’s Chances to Raise Seed from VCs?

In the last year or so, the debate over the definitions of seed versus pre-seed capital (sometimes called genesis rounds) has exploded. 

Lessons Learned From Working At A Startup

I graduated from the Startup Institute in late December 2013. Since then, I got married, welcomed my first child into the world and finished my first full year of work at Vsnap.