Expert Advice

The Essence of Branding

How to build a powerful customer experience around a single, simple idea.

How to Find Out What People Are Really Thinking

We know---and research supports---that diverse points of view lead to better financial and business outcomes. But how does one cut through reticence to prompt the real answers?

How to Think about Branding During a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are hard. They are complicated... Yet there is one element that is often overlooked or at least under-looked: Branding.

VC Partner Sweet Spot: The Always-Sometimes-Never Rules for Pitching the Right Investor

For entrepreneurs setting out to raise a round of VC financing, with some diligent research, it’s reasonably straightforward to put together a list of target firms to pitch.

Scaling Globally while in Startup Mode

There comes a time – typically early on – where most viable startups face a critical decision: where, when and how to expand internationally.

5 Personality Traits Of Successful Startup Employees

Seeking the thrill and excitement of a new or evolving career in a fast-growing company, young professionals are flocking to work in startup roles. But, startup life isn’t suited for everyone.

Big Results on Small Marketing Budgets

You launch your business, put out a magazine ad in a trade publication or local television, and wait for the money to roll in. Nothing happens.

What’s Your Story? Pitch Deck Flow

For most entrepreneurs, it’s not easy or intuitive to put the investor version of the story together.

5 Critical Reasons Your Business Should Start a Blog

Nowadays, content marketing is essential for businesses to generate new leads, expand their branding, and grow their business. And a blog is crucial for driving a lot of the efforts behind content marketing.

7 Websites To Inspire Glorious UX Design

Much to the dismay of entrepreneurs and web developers everywhere, Field of Dreams wisdom doesn’t apply to the world of digital products.

The Truth About VC Value-Add

With better access to relevant, actionable insights and ideas, more founders will build better companies, more investors will experience successful exits, and the tech world as a whole will be much better off as a result.

Pitch Deck Fundamentals - What You Need to Include

Building an effective pitch deck is not impossible if you know what to include: here's how to do it.


4 Secrets to Job Search Success

The countdown is on. T-minus four weeks until graduation.

Bringing Product Management Into Your Company

In the early days at most startups (unless a VC accidentally dumped $5m on you before you were ready), a handful of people are sitting together in a small cramped space.

Does The Tech Stack Still Matter For M&A?

When should you consider the technology stack in your exit strategy?

One Page That Matters

The executive summary or "one-pager" is an essential document for start-ups looking to work with investors. Christopher Mirabile provides this overview explaining how to do one.

4 Dirty Secrets VCs Won’t Admit

Because you don’t often hear these realities admitted out loud, consider these a few “dirty secrets” of VC.

Hardware by the Numbers (Part 4: Retail + Exits)

This is part 4 of a series on what building a scalable hardware business looks like. Written by @BenEinstein.

Building Brand Love: Is your brand making me badass?

I know you want me to like your posts, to share your posts, to comment on your posts. To retweet your content. To open and click on your emails. In the words of the great Seth Godin, you want me to be a sneezer. But, you can’t always get what you want.

A Founder's Guide to M&A

As a Founder of a venture backed company, eventually the question of whether and how to seek liquidity for your shareholders will come into question.

Hardware by the Numbers (Part 3: Logistics + Marketing)

This is part 3 of a series on what building a scalable hardware business looks like.

Why the Most Important Success Metric in SaaS is Misleading

What’s the first metric VCs hunt for in your pitch deck? Easy… committed monthly recurring revenue (CMRR).

The Secret to Career Success

What’s the secret sauce to career success? What qualities or abilities are really responsible for determining the level of achievement that an individual reaches in their career?

Measuring What Matters

When it comes to the metrics that measure the efficacy of public relations, social media and content marketing, we have all fallen into the trap of reporting what’s easy, instead of reporting what matters.

Why Design Is Important For Enterprise Software

Over the last several days, in my weekends and evenings, I’ve taken up the daunting task of updating my MacBook Air by installing Yosemite OS X and Bootcamp.

How to Land Key Customers and Partners for your Enterprise Startup

An interview with Ellen Rubin, co-founder of ClearSky Data.

Hardware by the Numbers (Part 1: Team & Prototyping)

This is part 1 of a series on what building a scalable hardware business looks like... 


What Startups Need To Know About The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare

It’s hard for entrepreneurs and employees to know what the ACA actually provides. We prepared this guide to get beyond the hype and help you understand the ACA as it relates to your business. 

Making a Referral Into a Great Company Work for You

You really want to work at great company XYZ, but not sure how to get in the door. You’ve done your research about ways to make this happen and now you that getting referred...

How Does Content Management Help with Content Marketing?

When we boil down content marketing to its basics, what we want is creating lots of good quality content that is well optimized for search engines and effectively distributing that content to as many channels as you can in a timely and cost effective manner.