Get Ready to Party! TechCrunch is Coming to Boston on February 26th!

It’s time to celebrate and show off all of our success and rub elbows with the writers at TechCrunch!  They will be in town for their annual Meetup + Pitch-Off event at The Estate...

Winter Xcelerate: Entrepreneurship on Display at Harvard

Founded in 2011, Harvard Ventures facilitates a wide array of activities on campus, including last week’s, Winter Xcelerate, a week-long startup incubation program at the Harvard Innovation Lab with mentors and speakers across industries.

InnoLoft at Constant Contact Announces 5 New Startups

Looking to build upon momentum, Constant Contact recently announced the Small Business Innovation Program’s second class.

What Makes for a Happy VC / Founder Marriage?

Bob Eubanks wasn’t available last night, but Dan Sally, of INBOUND Selfie Fame, took his place serving as host to an entrepreneurial version the famous game show, The Newlywed Game.

Branding, Creative, Strategy and Capital – Breakaway is a Unique Firm on the Rise

Last week, hybrid strategy, marketing & venture capital firm, Breakaway, acquired Crunch Brands, a branding agency founded and run by Ted Schlueter, who will now serve as Breakaway’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Tilting the Typical University Model on its Head

An interview with Gordon Jones, Managing Director at the Harvard Innovation Lab

OpportunitySpace: Marketplace Making it Simple for People to Invest in Untapped Real Estate

If there’s a more obvious example of taking advantage of under-valued, missed used land or property than Boston’s Seaport District, I certainly haven’t seen it first hand like I have our beloved Innovation District.

Startup Excitement on Display at WebInno

The long-standing WebInno, brainchild of NextView Ventures’ David Beisel, held it’s 44th installment last night and it didn’t disappoint.


Start Up. Take Flight. There’s a New Accelerator out of Alpha Loft

“Help great people with great ideas build great companies.”

New CoachUp CEO Adds Ecommerce and Consumer Marketing Credentials to Boston Startup

CoachUp, the online service that connects athletes with private coaches, today announced the addition of John Kelley as CEO. A move the company sees as a competitive advantage in the fast moving sports coaching market.

Boston Tech Alumni Taking Customer Intelligence to the Cloud

Two Boston tech veterans have teamed up to allow businesses to compile a rich customer knowledge base in the cloud and publish live digital personas with a new SaaS customer intelligence startup dubbed, Cintell.

Forbes 30 UNDER 30 – Boston Edition [Slideshow]

Check out who from the Boston Tech and Entrepreneurial world was selected by Forbes as up and comers! 

Overcoming The Odds: 10 Tips For Getting Into A Top Accelerator

Just as the CEO is the investor’s interface to a business, the application process and form is your interface into top accelerators likeTechstars and Y Combinator. The best programs...

Harvard Startup to Help You Consume the News

How do you consume your news? Do you bookmark your favorite news sites and sources, scroll through Twitter and see what’s trending? Perhaps you jump on Facebook and click whatever pops up in your timeline or subscribe to a few feeds and read the top one or two articles.

Boston Tech Events Look-Ahead: January 5 – 9

Welcome to 2015!! It's time for the Boston Tech Community to get back into full swing and the calendar is filling back up with great events!

Novo App: Speed and Ease for Bartenders and Bar-Goers Alike

Flashback to one Friday night earlier this year: Alexis Roumeliotis is closing up after a busy shift bartending at her parent’s bar in Maine. She scrambles to hunt down customers to close their tabs, while also juggling cleaning and other closing activities.

College Search and Application Process Enters the Tech Era

Do you remember your college application process? If you don’t, your parents most certainly do. Trying to provide guidance, while figuring out what it is you want in a school at the same time narrowing the list to schools in which they could afford.  Not an easy process...

Wellable Wants to Simplify Your Company Wellness Program

A finance major from the University of Georgia takes a job in investment banking after graduation, gets pouched by client he represented for a merger, falls in love with a new industry...

MAVRCK – the Digital Marketer’s Wingman

Mavrck, who today announced $2.5M Series A funding from GrandBanks Capital, has one of the best “ah-ha” moments I’ve heard to date.

Genius Box: Projects and Learning Opportunities Delivered Monthly

The adventure began with a box. Shivangi Shah and Kate Pipa wanted to create some kind of subscription-based box service to serve children-- but they didn’t know exactly what to focus on.

Boston Tech Events Look-Ahead: December 15 – 19

A preview of some great events in & around Boston next week!

Kickstarter Product Focused on Making the American Dream more Realistic than Ever

Like many entrepreneurs, Mike Markarian’s mind is constantly filling up with product ideas. While he has put a few in motion, he’s let a lot more go un-pursued. Something his latest venture, Mount Dream, hopes to eliminate for other entrepreneurs.

Startup Institute Boston Fall 2014 TalentExpo

For the past eight weeks, I have had the privilege of getting to know Startup Institute’s Fall 2014 class... Best of luck SIB Fall 2014. You guys rule!  

Ex RunKeeper VP Launching App to Help You Be Better At Life

Boates hopes the app’s simplicity will encourage frequent use and ultimately help users “be better at life.”

A New Kind of Angel

Most angel groups follow this pattern: they consist of a small group of mainly old guys, who’ve made money in business. They organize geographically and do about 75 -100%...

Getting to Know Jennifer Lum: Founder, Investor, & Mentor

This week, we spoke with Jennifer Lum, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Adelphic Mobile. She joined her first startup company while finishing up her degree at the University of Toronto...

Tackboard, Collaborate with Friends

Newly released mobile app, Tackboard, is a platform for users to collaborate on public photo collections, complete with geo-tagging and a sleek design.

Living Like The Jetsons Closer than Ever Thanks to Woburn-Based Terrafugia

How far off are we from flying cars? In all reality, not far at all. Meet George Jetson…

Boston Tech Events Look-Ahead: December 8 – 13

Stay on top of events every week from across the Boston tech and startup scene!

Startup Institute Boston - Fall of 2014 Class [Slideshow]

Here is an early look at the new crop of highly motivated and ready-to-create-change students in the Startup Institute's Fall Class of 2014.