ezCater Technologists Are Flying the Rocket Ship to the Billion Dollar Mark

ezCater is experiencing rapid growth and its tech team is leading that charge...

Placester: Making Real Estate Marketing Easy. Boston Startup Shows Exciting Growth

Founded by Matt Barba (CEO) and Frederick Townes (CTO) in 2011, Placester has raised a total of $22.5 million to date. The stage has been set for the company to elevate to a new level in 2015.

ShoeBuy: 15 Years After Launch this eCommerce Pillar Continues to Grow; Refreshes Brand

The past decade and a half have been quite a ride for this eCommerce leader and pillar of the Boston tech community.

Meet Chris Keller, the Face of Newly Expanded NextGen Angels in Boston

“We need more angels in Boston.” A phrase we hear often across our startup community.

ThinkingPhones: An Under-Recognized Industry Leader in Boston

ThinkingPhones was founded in 2006 by two longtime colleagues and business partners, Steve Kokinos and Derek Yoo.

Syft: Photo Sharing App Keeps You Closer to the People who Really Matter

Pingree, CEO, and Montgelas, CTO, are co-founders of Syft, a social mobile app that helps you re-discover forgotten photos and uncover classics from friends’ collections.

Carlota Pico: International Entrepreneur Creating Strategic Partnerships Worldwide with BeConnections

Prior to her founding of BeConnections, Pico, the daughter of two diplomats, worked for an investment firm where she was tasked with exploring and breaking into emerging markets, specifically in Africa. 

Scratch Wireless: Cambridge Startup Vows to Make Mobile Service Free. Rolls Out Android Device

New Android Device Delivers Unprecedented Value for Smartphone Customers

Zoe Barry: Solving Problems in Healthcare with ZappRx and Catalyzing Women Entrepreneurship in the Process

Regardless of your stance around the gender gap in the tech and venture world, the fact is there are fewer female founders out there... You might not be as aware of Zoe Barry as you are the gender gap, but that’ll change soon.

A Crystal Ball for Email and Communication

Computers, machines, robots - technology overall - are continuing to create new ways to help us humans be better at, well, being human.

nToggle, Adam Soroca, Take On Programmatic Advertising

Born and raised to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a futures and commodities trader, Adam Soroca learned early on that this path just wasn’t for him.

Cortex: Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing Delivered by Boston Startup

Founders of Pandemic Labs, Brennan White & Matt Peters make move to Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing with launch of Cortex.

Can Giddet, a New eCommerce Startup, Compete Against Wayfair?

Four local aspiring entrepreneurs with varying young professional careers have teamed up to launch an eCommerce site with a focus on household items. A space dominated by Boston-based, Wayfair...

MassTech Collaborative: Helping Boost the Tech Ecosystem Across the Commonwealth

HubSpot, Wayfair, MassChallenge, Rue La La, CarGurus… Essentials, pillars even, of the Boston and Cambridge technology and startup communities.

KAYAK’s New Ultra-Modern Cambridge Office and Their Upcoming WTH Hackathon

I recently had the chance to visit KAYAK’s new technology headquarters in Cambridge and spend some time with CTO, Giorgos Zacharia.  Although KAYAK is headquartered in...

Lose It! How Charles Teague Went From Answering Phones to Running One of Boston’s Most Promising Consumer Tech Companies

One of my favorite business success stories is that of former ESPN President, George Bodenheimer, who started his career at the sports media conglomerate in the mailroom. 17 years later, he was running the “Worldwide Leader in Sports.”

ShapeUp: Turning a Passion Project from a Charitable Initiative to a Successful Business – and Leaving Med School to do so.

“Entrepreneurs are born, not made.” Those are the words of Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO of ShapeUp.

LogoMix: Bootstrapped Boston Startup is Helping Small Business Around the World

Craig Bloem has an entrepreneurial journey dating back to the early Internet days when he worked in New York City as an account executive for Modem Media, an interactive media company eventually acquired by Digitas.

Turning the Boston Tech Ecosystem into a Consumer Powerhouse

An interview with Paul English, CEO and co-founder of Blade, and former Kayak CTO and co-founder.

Born and Bred in Boston, Buildium is Built To Last

Last week I visited yet another Boston-based tech company that probably isn’t getting quite the recognition it should.

Electric Bike Company Rolls Out E-Wheel. Transforms your Bike into an E-Bike

In 2011 brothers, Boris and Yevgeniy Mordkovich started EVELO, an electric bicycle company, with $100,000 of their own money. Today, having not raised any outside funding, the company is projected to hit $3 million in sales in 2015.

Product Feature: Cuseum

Earlier this month Cuseum, a startup focused on mobile technology for the art and cultural sector, announced it closed a seed investment of $1.2 million. 

MediSafe: A Better Way to Help Loved Ones Get Healthier

Business ideas come from all angles - some thoroughly thought out, some on a bar napkin and others through more unfortunate circumstance.

Arc: Bridging the Gap between Community Members and Architects

Arc provides users a model of proposed building projects in real time and space through the camera of an iPad.

Doron Reuveni – Ironman, Marathoner, Co-Founder & CEO of Applause – Boston’s Hidden Gem

About 20 miles west of Boston lays a fast growing tech company representing some of the world’s most recognizable brands – Google, Microsoft, Fox, Netlfix, Amazon… the list goes on.

CoPatient: An Advocate in Your Fight Against Medical Bills

CoPatient is a Boston-based startup empowering patients by helping them investigate, understand and save on their medical bills.

Society of Grownups: A Masters Program for Adulthood

Geared toward helping individuals navigate adulthood without losing their soul or sense of adventure along the way, Society of Grownups is a place that’s dedicated to fostering financial literacy for adults. 

Fresh Tilled Soil Enters Product Business – Creates Powerful First Impression Experience

A few weeks back I stopped by Fresh Tilled Soil to catch up with Richard Banfield, Co-Founder and CEO of the digital experience design and strategy firm in Watertown. Little did I know the iPad that greeted me upon arrival would turn into the main subject of our conversation.

AdTech Startup Launches New Avenue for Brands Through Messaging Apps

There’s no denying that the advertising world is looking for new ways generate revenue and develop new solutions for their high paying clients. But that’s no easy task.

Branding, Creative, Strategy and Capital – Breakaway is a Unique Firm on the Rise

Last week, hybrid strategy, marketing & venture capital firm, Breakaway, acquired Crunch Brands, a branding agency founded and run by Ted Schlueter, who will now serve as Breakaway’s Chief Marketing Officer.