Protect Your Brand: Utilize Common Law Trademark Rights Through Boston Startup, Cognate

Protecting your company name with a trademark isn’t an easy process...

Menswear Startup Uses Old School Business Tactics to Yield Rapid Growth

In today’s technology-driven world it’s easy to forget about the tried and true tactics that have helped grow businesses and brands for decades.

Communicating Internationally Just Got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks to This Boston Startup

Another Boston consumer tech success story? Time will tell, but the writing has begun… 

Digitizing Emotion: MIT Startup, Affectiva, Delivers a New Level of Analytics and Real Time Interaction

Founded by Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, and Dr. Rosalind Picard, Affectiva uses facial expression analysis technology to read emotions in real-time.

TVision Insights: Startup Says Goodbye to Arbitrary TV Ratings

When it comes to television viewer demographics we’re been left guessing… until now.


The Background Story: Everything You Need to Know About Eric Paley, Founder Collective

Boston is the home to many successful Venture Capitalists, who have not only built a solid reputation in Boston, but have also been able to achieve a strong presence on a national scale...

Meet Censio: The Fitbit for Drivers

Censio is a technology company that uses software and big data to make driving safer and more affordable. The company recently won a bid to provide its platform to Progressive Insurance

Ellen Rubin, The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

When I speak with founders and other successful people, I always like to find out about their upbringing and learn about their parents’ professions when they were a child. For me, it is a glimpse...

All In The Family. Entrepreneur Comes Full Circle and Returns to his “Baby”

Boston’s biggest consumer tech success story, TripAdvisor, was founded back in 2000 by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert and Nicholas Shanny. The trio has had quite the journey, both individually and as a team.

Renoviso: Boston Startup Bringing Technology to Home Renovation Market

Our Goal is to become the largest home renovation company in the country.”

Sharalike: You Take the Photos, They Make the Videos

We all take a ton of photos these days with a quality camera in our pockets or hands at all times in the form of a smartphone. Ever think about how much you actually use those pictures, though?

ThriveHive: Techstars Grad Making Small Business Marketing Easy

Growing a business is hard. Technology has certainly helped companies of all sizes scale, operate and market themselves, but the ever-changing landscape and influx of tools can also become overwhelming - especially for small business owners.

QuotaFactory: Established Services Company Launches Relationship Management Software

Thirteen years ago, Peter Gracey, a University of Massachusetts graduate, and Paul Alves, a Plymouth State grad, founded sales and marketing firm, AG Salesworks.

Boston Content Marketers to Watch

Boston Content announced their first annual list of Boston Content Marketers to Watch.  Check out the finalists and can you guess who won?

With Rob Weisberg at the Helm, Online Auction Marketplace Invaluable is Experiencing Record Setting Growth

From the Ad world to Domino's to Zipcar and, now, Invaluable, Rob Weisberg continues to leverage technology to great success

Zaius: Is This Boston Startup the Holy Grail of Marketing Tools?

Founded in 2013 by former Endeca VP of Engineering, Philip Wickline, Boston-based marketing startup Zaius is helping business-to-consumer companies boost revenue by optimizing their customer lifecycle – from acquisition to loyal customers.

The Rise of Intrepid and a Look at the Entrepreneur Behind It All

Kasdorf’s rapid growth in Boston and subsequent move to NYC gives him a unique perspective on the two oft-compared startup markets.

Mapkin: Navigation Startup Puts a Local Guide In Your Hand

This Navigation app that feels like you have a smart local guide with you at all times.

Mobile & Cloud – Repsly Launches Free Version of Field Management App

What was previously a Croatia-based startup known as Salespod, is now a growing mobile-first cloud-based app here in Boston called, Repsly.

Former Hill Holliday Exec Turns Entrepreneur. Enters World of Programmatic Advertising

One way to spot an authentic trend in technology is to see an executive walk away from a traditional, industry-leading firm to launch a startup to disrupt that very space...

Five Years After Launch, Database Company NuoDB Enters Rapid Growth Phase

While NuoDB isn’t putting out a product that many of us use or would interact with on a daily basis, they are quickly becoming a global leader in a $40 billion industry...

“Beam Me!” New App Lets Users Privately Share Location

Sometimes the best way to find a co-founder for your startup is to work side-by-side with him or her in a successful capacity under another company.

Crescendo Launches System to Create, Distribute and Measure Your Content

Created by marketers for marketers, Crescendo replaces multiple point solutions, making it easy and affordable to create, distribute and measure revenue-driving content

Techstars Alum, Ecovent, is on the Rise with Intelligent Temperature Control System

In July, 2014 Techstars Alumnus Ecovent announced $6.9 million Series A funding round led by Emerson Climate Technologies.

With $1.5M Injection, Klaviyo Set to Accelerate Growth of eCommerce-Focused Email Platform

It's time email got better...

The Massive BuyerZone Alumni Spider Web [slideshow]

We take a look at the BuyerZone alumni that have gone off and started some of Boston's fastest growing companies. 

Julia Austin: Tech Veteran Playing an Integral Role in Boston’s Startup Community [Part 2 of 2]

Julia Austin's career path, track record of success, immersion in startups and, of course, gender, give her a unique and highly valuable perspective...

Technology is Driving this Consumer Facing eCommerce Company to Great Heights

For a typical consumer, it’s easy to look at brands and products and strictly take them at face value and not understand, or care even, about how the business behind it all operates.

An Unsung Leader in Boston Tech, Julia Austin’s Track Record is Tough to Top [Part 1 of 2]

Julia Austin, born and raised in Massachusetts, doesn’t have the typical educational pedigree of most tech moguls...

CloudLock: The Sky is the Limit for this Leader of Cloud Security

With breaches and hacks of all kinds taking place across the globe these days, IT security is no longer an option… it’s flat out mandatory.