By: Keith Cline | January 12, 2016
There are no shortcuts to attracting and retaining top talent. As we kick off 2016, make sure your hiring efforts are aligned with the below fundamentals of a successful recruiting strategy
By: Daniel Rodriguez | January 12, 2016
It seems that one in every 10 job candidates nails that first round interview. Here are some of the several common traits of the “10 percenters."
By: Kaite Rosa | January 12, 2016
Today, SmashFly announced it has secured $22M in Series B funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners. 
Investor Profiles
By: Keith Cline | January 11, 2016
Read our investor profile on Eric Paley, managing partner at Founder Collective, a seed-stage VC fund that has invested in companies like Uber, MakerBot, and Buzzfeed...
By: Keith Cline | January 11, 2016
Please welcome Kaite Rosa, our new Director of Content & Marketing. She is the newest member of the VentureFizz team...
Company Profiles, Founder Stories
By: Kaite Rosa | January 8, 2016
Every entrepreneur has that “aha!” moment. For Ethan Bernstein, CEO and co-founder of Freebird, that inspiration came last winter after a travel nightmare. 
Talent on the Move
By: Jack Mulvaney | January 8, 2016
Talent on the Move - January 8th, 2016 - Your weekly roll up of who is coming and going within the Boston tech scene!
By: Keith Cline | January 8, 2016
Ok - the holidays are long over now and you've had your grace period to catch up on everything.... It's time to get back out there and the networking calendar is filling up! Here's your preview for next week. It you are interested in seeing all of the events listed on our calendar for either next week and the month of January check out our Networking Calendar.
By: Jeff Bussgang | January 7, 2016
If we want to unleash the full power of entrepreneurship and technological innovation to better society, more entrepreneurs need to direct their energy to truly making an impact. 
Company Profiles
By: Sarah Urbonas | January 7, 2016
Couples who sweat together, stay together - or at least that’s the premise of MeetMeOutside (MMO), a Boston-based dating app bringing fit, adventurous singles together.
By: Chris Merrill | January 6, 2016
Andrew Krebs-Smith, Social Fulcrum founder and CEO, shares key insights about developing a more effective, data-driven social advertising campaign.
Working in Boston Tech
By: Jack Mulvaney | January 6, 2016
You have to check out what it's like to work at SilverRail Technologies!
Company Profiles
By: Keith Cline | January 6, 2016
The background story on Cybric, a recently funded information security company Cybric in Boston and the founding team...
Engineering Spotlight
By: Jack Mulvaney | January 5, 2016
AppNeta is featured as part of our Engineering Spotlight series, which gives you a closer look at some of the best engineering teams in and around Boston...
Office Tours
By: Jack Mulvaney | January 5, 2016
Welcome to the Bit9 + Carbon Black Office Tour!  Bit9 + Carbon Black is based in Waltham at 1100 Winter Street. They are one of the fastest growing companies in the computer security industry...
Investor Profiles
By: Keith Cline | January 4, 2016
Read our investor profile on Bob Mason, Managing Director at Project 11 Ventures, a Boston focused software and technology seed stage fund...
By: Keith Cline | December 31, 2015
Happy New Year's Eve! Here's to a great 2016! Next week is the first full week in the new year. It is mainly a transition week with people getting back to a normal pace of activity after the holidays. Thus, the events next week are pretty limited, but we do have one event that you should check out. For a comprehensive look at all the events in January, visit our Networking Calendar.
By: Jack Mulvaney | December 30, 2015
Talent on the Move - December 30th, 2015 - Your weekly roll up of who is coming and going within the Boston tech scene!
By: Keith Cline | December 29, 2015
The Boston tech scene had a very active year in terms of venture capital investments. While there were several companies that raised funding at many different levels and amounts, we found 24 companies...
By: Keith Cline | December 28, 2015
No doubt, 2015 was a busy year in the Boston tech scene. There was plenty of interesting companies and founders to cover. As the end of the year is upon us, we thought it would be fun to highlight our top 20 blog...
Company Profiles
By: Keith Cline | December 23, 2015
Greg Segall is no stranger to startups. He’s realized success through an acquisition of his eight-year old digital ecommerce agency, One Pica back in 2012. In the past few months, Segall began a new venture...
Office Tours
By: Jack Mulvaney | December 22, 2015
By: Holly Chessman | December 21, 2015
I recently attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women. The event was wonderful, providing opportunities motivation, networking, and skill building for 10,000 women. As a female who has worked for technology...
Talent on the Move
By: Jack Mulvaney | December 18, 2015
Talent on the Move - December 18th, 2015 - Your weekly roll up of who is coming and going within the Boston tech scene!
By: Jeff Bussgang | December 17, 2015
A few years ago, I did an analysis on the Boston-based companies that were worth more than $500 million in value, which I called Boston Unicorns. One of the (somewhat depressing) conclusions I made...
By: Keith Cline | December 17, 2015
Today, we are featuring an Office Tour for Kurgo in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Kurgo designs and manufactures products for dogs who love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. They have been on the Inc. 5000 list of fatest growing companies for the last six years in a row.   Kurgo's products are sold through major retailers, as well as online channels like their own website, Amazon, and through online-only pet retailers like Barkbox and
By: Keith Cline | December 16, 2015
Since starting VentureFizz in 2009, our team has worked everyday to be the best possible source for technology, entrepreneurship and career inspiration in the Greater Boston area. We’ve spent six incredible years telling the stories of successful leaders and fast-growing...
Founder Stories
By: Keith Cline | December 16, 2015
If being born on the same day as an earthquake and the early beginnings of the fall of the Soviet Union are an indication that you might fit the bill for the type who seeks adventure, then I would say Igor Bratnikov meets the mark. On September 1986 those two events happened...
Working in Boston Tech
By: Jack Mulvaney | December 16, 2015
Today, in our Working In Boston Tech series, we hear from the team at Bit9 + Carbon Black!  Based in Waltham, Bit9 + Carbon Black is one of the fastest growing companies in computer security. Why? Their technology – in a world where cyber threats are more prevalent than ever, Bit9 + Carbon Black offers the most complete solution to prevent, detect and respond to those threats. 
By: Keith Cline | December 16, 2015
There is a new class graduating from the Startup Institute Boston! Today we are giving you a sneak peak at the Web Design and Web Development students. Check out the slideshow below. You can meet and hire these students at their Talent Expo on Thursday (December 17th).


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