By: Colin W. Barry | June 2, 2017
Here's your preview of events coming your way in Boston's startup and tech sector!
By: Zach Winn | June 1, 2017
CollegeVine provides a range of services to high school students ranging from academic guidance and essay prep to finding extracurriculars and developing leadership skills. Zach Winn spoke with co-founder Johan Zhang and CEO Jon Carson about how CollegeVine helps lend high school students a helping hand.
By: Christina Luconi | June 1, 2017
If you are considering a shift in career, it can be done. Is it easy? No. Can you do it? Of course. How should you approach it? Read Christina Luconi's post on the various ways she describes to prepare those who are looking to take the plunge and change careers.
Engineering Spotlight
By: Keith Cline | May 31, 2017
VentureFizz connected with Evergage’s co-founder and CTO, Greg Hinkle, about the inner-workings of the company's engineering team and some of the major projects they are tackling.
Company Profiles
By: Colin W. Barry | May 31, 2017
4URTIME is a service app which allows users to find and connect with a certified, fully insured Personal Assistant (PA). First-time entrepreneur Colin Lake told VentureFizz his story, which includes his personal goal of wanting to help small business owners put time back into their schedule.
By: Keith Cline | May 30, 2017
ATG (Art Technology Group) was one of Boston's anchor tech companies before its acquisition by Oracle in 2011 for $1B. Here's a list of notable alumni in the Boston tech scene.
Office Tours
By: Colin W. Barry | May 30, 2017
Check out our Office Tour featuring lots of pictures from Imprivata's offices in Lexington, Massachusetts.
Talent on the Move
By: Keith Cline | May 26, 2017
Here's your look at the latest hires across the Boston tech community at TrueMotion, TetraScience, WordStream, Alignable, Wayfair, Formlabs, TVision Insights, Veson Nautical, edX, + Continuul.
By: Colin W. Barry | May 26, 2017
Here's your preview of events coming your way in Boston's startup and tech sector!
By: Colin W. Barry | May 25, 2017
MassChallenge announced 128 different early-stage startups that will be joining the 2017 program. VentureFizz is showcasing a 10 standout startups in a slideshow. Each company showcased either covers a particular tech sector, has a great social message, has a helpful product/service or made us go "...what?"
Company Profiles
By: Colin W. Barry | May 25, 2017
Founded in 2015, Ovation is a SaaS company with a cloud-based data platform helping organizations manage scientific and clinical data. VentureFizz spoke with co-founder and CEO Barry Wark about his company's platform and how their clients can use it to study data more efficiently.
By: Christina Luconi | May 25, 2017
Have you ever considered what impression you make? Christina Luconi writes about how important a first impression can be for a new employee and how one make the best possible first impression.
Company Profiles
By: Keith Cline | May 24, 2017
Mendix's Application Platform-as-a-Service helps companies build, launch, and iterate on applications at a much faster rate. We discussed the company and its growth plans with Pranshu Tewari, Mendix’s Chief Marketing Officer.
Working in Boston Tech
By: Keith Cline | May 24, 2017
CloudHealth Technologies helps companies manage their cloud infrastructure. They are venture backed and growing aggressively. Here's an inside look at the company's culture.
Office Tours
By: Colin W. Barry | May 23, 2017
Check out our Office Tour featuring lots of pictures from Crayon's offices in Boston, Massachusetts.
By: Jeff Williams | May 23, 2017
There is a deep connection between art and technology. Jeff Williams details three major innovators in tech, as well as their creative sides, and even gives suggestions ways to improve the creativity in employees working in the tech world.
By: Keith Cline | May 22, 2017
Even in today's digital world, paper business cards are still exchanged at meetings and events. I've collected a lot of them through the years. Here's a look back at some of them from the dot-com era.
By: Ashley Perez | May 22, 2017
It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re stuck in a rut at some point in your career. However, it doesn't mean the rut has to last forever. Carbon Black's Ashley Perez lists several ways to help those who need to develop their careers further.
By: Colin W. Barry | May 19, 2017
Here's your preview of events coming your way in Boston's startup and tech sector!
Talent on the Move
By: Keith Cline | May 19, 2017
Here's your look at the latest hires across the Boston tech community at GasBuddy, Alignable, Actifio, TripAdvisor, Starry, Liberty Mutual, Interactions, EverTrue, CampusTap, MIB Group, Progress Partners, Startup Institute, Tonic 5, Sleek Machine, + General Catalyst.
By: Keith Cline | May 18, 2017
Last night, the Boston innovation economy gathered to celebrate and recognize the many accomplishments across the Tech and Life Sciences industries at the 2017 NEVYs.  Here's the winner and pictures.
Company Profiles
By: Zach Winn | May 18, 2017
Netra is a visual intelligence company that uses cutting edge image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to help brands understand and target customers. CEO Richard Lee shares the story behind Netra, including being apart of Techstars and having some assistance from Mark Cuban. 
By: Christina Luconi | May 18, 2017
Whether you are an HR leader or in playing any other role in an organization, read on and ask yourself if you are putting yourself in the position where leaders are actively soliciting your counsel. Christina Luconi asks six questions for those who are interested in taking a major position of influence and impact.
By: Brianne Shelley | May 17, 2017
Gina Ashe is a serial entrepreneur & CEO. Her latest company is ThirdChannel, a rapidly growing technology company powering smart retail for some of the world's top brands. Here's her story.
Company Profiles
By: Colin W. Barry | May 17, 2017
FAIRWAYiQ is a platform allows golf courses to track a variety of areas which require some form of maintenance. VentureFizz interviewed both company founders, Dave Vanslette and James Nunn, to find out how golf courses can use their platform to benefit their business.
By: Keith Cline | May 16, 2017
The 5th Annual NEVY Awards are finally here! We thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the winners from the past four years. 
By: Keith Cline | May 16, 2017
The Startup Institute has come a long way since its early beginnings. VentureFizz interviewed new CEO Richard DiTieri and VP of Marketing, Justin Miller, about the Startup Institute's past and future.
Office Tours
By: Colin W. Barry | May 16, 2017
Throughout the year, VentureFizz has profiled several unique offices within the Boston tech scene. Today, we are featuring a recap of the 16 Office Tours we've published on VentureFizz this year.
Investor Profiles
By: Keith Cline | May 15, 2017
In collaboration with the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA), VentureFizz is interviewing nominees for the 5th Annual NEVYs. Today, we interview Dyn co-founder and Angel of the Year nominee, Jeremy Hitchcock.
By: Tasha Schlake Festel | May 15, 2017
Resumes with great spelling and punctuation are welcome, but sometimes recruiters don't have the time to appreciate that kind of work. Your resume needs something to grab the recruiter's attention. Tasha Schlake Festel offers her own insight on how important a resume is for a first impression.