An Unbelievable Opportunity - Passes for Launch Festival; Deadline to Launch Pitch Competitions Fast Approaching

Friday Jan 3, 2014 by Dennis Keohane - Senior Writer, VentureFizz

Back in November, when Jason Calacanis came to Boston to tape an episode of This Week in Startups with Bill Warner, we covered the event and connected with some of the great folks working with Calacanis to put the show together and on his other endeavors like the Launch Festival. 

The Launch Festival, which is taking place in San Francisco, February 24th through 26th, is one of those rare opportunities to pitch early stage companies or new product launches to some of the most influential (and possibly financially beneficial) investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors in the entire country.

The folks at the Launch Festival reached out to us and we've joined up as a media partner for the event. 

The exciting thing is that we've been given a code for some Boston startup folk to use to get free Builder passes to attend the event!

Head to the event website and use the code VENTUREFIZZ to register for a pass. The event is selling out quickly, so if you think you want to attend, sign up as soon as possible.

This should be an unbelievable opportunity to meet and greet with some of the most influential people in the tech industry. Keynote speakers at the event include Paul Graham and Mark Cuban. 

The event also has a few competitions for startups in stealth mode to announce themselves to the world in a big way. (This includes existing companies that have stealth projects in the works-which there are QUITE a few of now in Boston!)

If you want to get involved in the Launch 1.0 or Launch 2.0 competitions, here is the link to check out. Applications are due at the beginning of February. 

If you think that this is a waste of time for a Boston-area company (because there will be a bias towards Silicon Valley companies that have deep roots in the community already), think again. Calacanis, who is the driving force behind the Launch Festival, and someone who is always looking for the next big thing to get involved with, has a history of funding local companies (ie. Dyn). When we briefly talked in November, it was obvious that he sees a lot of potential value in some of the things being built in Boston. 

Launch reached out to us because they wanted to make sure that there was a Boston presence at the event, especially some of those local startups that have yet to announce themselves on the scene. 

So get involved and head out to the Launch Festival with either a Builder ticket or for the Launch competitions

Dennis Keohane is the Senior Writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.

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