Trinity Pharma Solutions Launches Mobile Analytics Platform

Tuesday Feb 26, 2013 by Dennis Keohane - Contributor, VentureFizz

Trinity Pharma Solutions announced the release of AgileM, a mobile analytics platform that is a first of its kind in the life sciences industry. The company believes that the release of the app to all the major device operating systems will make the complex marketing and sales data of the global pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies more accessible. For marketers and salespeople in the life science industries, the ability to retrieve insightful data and vital analytics through a mobile device while in the field is an industry-altering development. 

The development of the mobile app will integrate with the company’s current cloud-based data management tools. Trinity Pharma believes that the move to mobile represented by AgileM is a necessity in order to continue to be a leader in offering accurate and agile data solutions for marketing and sales in the life science industries.

Trinity Pharma’s move to mobile was sparked by the overwhelming trend to implement mobile technologies by pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

In a press release, Trinity co-founder Zackary King explained the logic behind the move. “We looked at mobile as an opportunity to rethink the way information is consumed and delivered.” As King points out, “AgileM provides our customers with richer and more intuitive analytics on their mobile devices while driving increased performance, lowering costs and improving engagement.”

Through its current cloud data management service, Trinity manages over $10 billion dollars of product sales volume and has over 3,000 daily, weekly, and monthly users who receive personalized analytics through the companies website offerings.

However, Brian Irwin, Trinity’s VP of Business Strategy, believes that the app is something wholly unique for the company in being, “An analytic solution developed by life science professionals, for life sciences. Nearly all of our clients are moving to AgileM with overwhelmingly positive feedback.”

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