Photos & Highlights from our Fairhaven Capital / VentureFizz Event - 25 Influential Women in Boston Tech

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013 by Keith Cline - Founder, VentureFizz

Last Wednesday, Fairhaven Capital threw a cocktail reception for the women who were featured as part of our recent slideshow:  25 Influential Women in the Boston Tech Community.  Fairhaven put on a big time, first class event.  Great people, ambiance, food, wine.... and a special guest speaker: Dr. Kerry Healey, the President of Babson College!

It was a great opportunity to not only bring together the majority of the women who appeared on the list, but to also bring together several of the women from the "Who's Next" list, as well.  Thus, it was a perfect night filled with lots of networking and inspirational conversations.

A special "Thank You" goes out to Rudina Seseri, Paul Ciriello, and Corissa Warzybok from Fairhaven Capital for making the event possible.

Here's a recap from the speech by Dr. Healey:

1.  Babson is growing -  They are actively looking for real estate in Boston, so they can lay down a bigger footprint and further engage with the local Boston community.  Babson is also growing their presence in San Francisco.  They are expanding their MBA program out there and they are also going to be sending undergrads (juniors) to SF for a semester, so they can cross-pollinate across both coasts.

2.  It takes guts and determination - Dr. Healey was Lt. Governor during the Mitt Romney years (2003 - 2007).  While Mitt Romney was running the 2002 Winter Olympics, she was determined to convince him to run for Governor in the state of Massachusetts again.  She called and called...until she finally got 15 minutes on his very busy calendar.  Dr. Healey got on a plane and flew out to Utah.  She explained that if he ever wanted to run for President, he needed to build out his political foundation with a win in Massachusetts.  The ironic part of this story is that Dr. Healey never met Mitt Romney, nor did she know if he wanted to run for President in the future. 

3.  Lessons from failure - Dr. Healey learned a ton from previous elections when she ran unsuccessfully for State Representative. She also had her own entrepreneurial pursuit where she raised some money to start a production company which created 10 episodes for a TV show called Shining City.  They interviewed research scientists from MIT and other innovative thought leaders.  She had a blast doing the show, however the show was broadcasted on the Red Sox channel and no one watched it.  The series ran right before the Friday night Red Sox broadcast in the fall.  Unfortunately, the Red Sox failed to make the playoffs that year... thus, interest in the Red Sox tailed off significantly.

Here are some photos from the evening :

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