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Friday Dec 6, 2013 by Dennis Keohane - Staff Writer, VentureFizz

With the holiday party season in full swing, it seems everyone is a little more tired and blurry-eyed than usual. As such, its easy to miss some cool things that are happening in the Boston tech scene these days.

First, VentureFizz has a HUGE week next week with our Alexis Ohanian book tour event on Monday and our big SaaS panel/holiday getogther on Tuesday. There are still some tickets left for the "Building a Successful SaaS Business" event with Fred Destin, Phil Beauregard of Objective Logistics, Logentries Andrew Burton, and Rob May of Backupify. Besides an unbelievably kickass panel (three out of four of them could really kick your ass) its an opportunity to bring the VentureFizz community together for a holiday celebration.

Second, there is a huge holiday party that is 'Don't Miss" coming up. 

Next Friday is the Boston Tech Holiday Co-Party at Space 57 put together by Promoboxx's Ben Carcio and a bunch of other TechStars alums. This is the fourth iteration of the event, which serves as another example of what makes the Boston tech community so great. The party is for any local startups that may not be big enough (or have enough $$$ to throw around as budgets seem to be tightening at the end of the year) to throw their own holiday shin-dig. With the VC community pitching-in to sponsor the holiday party, the Co-Party is just further proof of the "all-in" mentality that is becoming the identifying characteristic of the tech community.

Here is the rest of the news you may have missed this week:

- DraftKings raised $24M recently and we think we know where some of the new funds are going. The company has made a big marketing push lately. Commercials on sports radio are one thing, but then we were wowed when we saw this DraftKings commercial on ESPN:

- DraftKings aren't the only local company building a bigger presence on network television. Wayfair, who we think don't get enough attention as they should (you know, the $1B in revenue thing), also recently released a new holiday television ad:

- There were a ton of announcements of people moving into new positions this week. Most of them you can check out on our "On the Move" page.

But here are a few of the more noteworthy changes:

  • Celtra recently announced that it had brought on Todd Taplin, the former VP in Adobe's Advertising Group, as their new Executive VP of Global Sales, Strategy and Services. The move to add Taplin, who adds considerable business leadership and  industry experience to Celtra who is looking at 2014 as a big year to expand its growth and market leader position, especially the company's global plans to disrupt display advertising, make a big hiring push, and grow its business revenue. The full press release can be found here.
  • uTest (soon to be Applause) added Chris Malone, former Vice President of Finance for NTT DATA, as it new Chief Financial Officer. The full press release is here.
  • Dyn hired a new CFO, former Rapid7 CFO Timothy O'Toole. More on the exciting addition here.

- CloudHealth, the IT service management for the cloud, announced today "Opscode Enterprise Chef" integration with the CloudHealth platform for both premise-based and hosted Chef environments. Fiksu's Kevin Karwaski, its Manager of Cloud Operations said of the news, "The combination of the CloudHealth platform and Chef delivers information and context for instance workloads that includes CPU and memory utilization that enables customers to accurately budget, predict costs and determine where to make additional Reserved Instance purchase investments." The full press release is here.

-Providence's Swipely moved to a new office in the Dorrance Building in downtown Providence, mainly because it is getting too big. Not a bad problem for Angus Davis to have!

Dennis Keohane is a staff writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.

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