October 6, 2015

The Intersection of the Internet and Politics

As the campaign trail is heating up, more and more candidates are making visits to popular tech companies in hopes of garnering support from the industry. Hillary Clinton has visited multiple companies, including Lyft and Box; Donald Trump made a memorable visit to Twitter’s NYC headquarters; and we at Dyn have welcomed Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Lindsey Graham with plans to host more hopefuls before election day. 

Tech companies are so important for campaigners due to the type of potential voters that candidates want to reach and win over; the sway that tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook all have; and the growing importance of tech-based issues, like Net Neutrality. Many of these companies want to host candidates to hear how their policies will affect not only how the companies operate, but also what it would mean for their customers as well. 

At Dyn, our unique vantage point on Internet performance helps our clients deliver the exceptional online experience that their customers demand. It also gives us an unparalleled insight into the biggest issues - and challenges - facing the World Wide Web. As Presidential candidates are welcomed to Dyn and other tech companies in the coming months, here are just a few of the issues we hope to see them discuss: 

  • Importance of US Investment in Internet Infrastructure - Every company operating online is a global company, but a company’s access, availability, reachabilty and speed online are all important considerations in an increasingly competitive online landscape. 
  • Impact of Global eCommerce on International Trade - Our research found that 70% of consumers globally have bought from foreign retailers within the past year. As competition for valuable online consumers increases, so will the need to provide the best end-user experience for customers and invest in Internet infrastructure tools that build and maintain brand loyalty and reputation. 
  • How Internet Disruptions & Outages Impact Global Business - While it might come as a surprise, there are roughly 3,000 outages on the Internet every day, and many more redirects and hijacks that can have a serious impact on business continuity online. As the Internet grows in scale and complexity, these issues will only become more magnified. 
  • How Hacks Affect Global Business and What Companies Can Do to Mitigate Risk - Security is one of the biggest hot button issues for consumers who do business online, however security measures for your internal networks and data centers won’t prevent security breaches for data flowing through the global Web. 
  • Tips to Doing Business in China and India - China recently eclipsed the US as the largest economy in the world and between China and India there are nearly a billion consumers who already do business online. Understanding and connecting with these markets will be the biggest challenge and opportunity of the 21st Century. 
  • Internet protocol and Internet governance - As the Internet continues to grow in prominence around the world, issues of Internet protocol, governance and international fair play will only grow in importance. At Dyn, our experts have been key influencers in governance bodies including the IAB, ICANN, and IETF and play a prominent role in the decision-making bodies that make the Internet one of the most valuable tools of the modern era. 
  • Mobile and its Effect on the Global Internet - Mobile is the preferred - and in some cases, the only - channel to access eRetail in many countries around the world. In 2014, mobile sales accounted for  41 percent of eCommerce in India—more than any other country including China (33 percent) and the US (15 percent). 

Decision 2016 will be a significant election for the future of the United States and the next President will have a huge impact on the growth of the global Web. We hope some of the above issues will make an impact on our leaders as we all help shape the future of the Internet.

Brendan Mangus is Public Relations Manager at Dyn in Manchester, NH. You can follow Brendan on Twitter @bpmangus and Dyn @Dyn.