Curata Partners with Scheduling Tool Buffer

Thursday Feb 21, 2013 by Susan Johnston - Contributor, VentureFizz

Today, Cambridge-based content curation tool Curata announces a partnership with San Francisco-based Buffer, a tool that enables smarter sharing on social media. This integration will solve two key issues content marketers face: finding timely relevant content for sharing (which Curata focuses on) and keeping social media feeds active throughout the day (which Buffer assists with).

Using Curata, marketers can locate and organize content from third-party sources, editorialize it for their own readership, and share the content through channels including email, blogs, and social media.

According to Curata’s November 2012 survey of 450 B2B marketers, 87% reported using content marketing to achieve their marketing goals. But creating original content can be time-consuming, as Curata CEO Pawan Deshpande notes. “As soon as they publish content, it’s time to publish another blog post,” he says. “It’s a never-ending task. We enable marketers to curate relevant third-party content. They continue to create content but they can complement that with really interesting third-party content.”

Curata (formerly HiveFire) was founded in 2007.  The 15-person company is based in Kendall Square and has customers in virtually every vertical, according to Deshpande. The thing that unifies those customers is that “they all realize they need content to drive their marketing forward,” he adds.

Last fall at its fourth annual User Conference, Curata released mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, enabling users to curate on the go. “We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers don’t have to spend lot of time in our platform,” says Deshpande.

Susan Johnston is a journalist and contributor to VentureFizz.  You can follow Susan on Twitter (@UrbanMuseWriter) by clicking here.

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