Tech in Boston Podcast: Cort Johnson, Co-Founder, Terrible Labs

Tuesday May 27, 2014 by Dave Gerhardt - Founder, Tech in Boston

Cort Johnson is one of the co-founders of Terrible Labs, a design and development shop with 11 employees in the Leather District that specializes in building mobile and web apps with Ruby On Rails.

With a background in economics and finance, Cort is one of the rare business people that has a passion and understanding of product development (not a coincidence after spending three years with his co-founders who are both engineers, Joe Lind and Jeremy Weiskotten).  He spends his time at Terrible Labs running point on client projects and handles all potential clients interested in working with the team.

Before Terrible Labs, Cort was Chief Evangelist at SCVNGR, and on the side started DartBoston, an organization focused on bringing together passionate young professionals in Boston.

In this episode, Cort talks about:

  • Why naming the company “Terrible Labs” was one of the smartest things they’ve done.
  • How he’s become a product focused without a background in engineering or design.
  • The importance of product management and writing clear requirements.
  • Why everyone in your company should be involved in sales.
  • Why you shouldn’t always have to settle for less money when joining a startup.
  • The most important thing during the first five years of your career.
  • How they invest in their team and keep everyone engaged.
  • How they are using a new way to build iOS apps called Ruby Motion to take some of burden off paying parking tickets in the city.

“It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product in the world.  If you don’t know how to sell it, your company will go nowhere.”  -Cort Johnson

Dave Gerhardt
 is the Founder of the Tech in Boston podcast and he is also the Head of Accounts at Privy.  You can follow Dave (@davegerhardt) on Twitter by clicking here

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