Boston Startup Weekend Presents: Sensored!

Tuesday Jan 15, 2013 by Crystal Germond - Organizer, Boston Startup Weekend

Next month Boston will host its ninth Startup Weekend, an event bringing together entrepreneurs, designers, developers and startup enthusiasts to participate in 54 hours of taking innovative business ideas from concept to launch. Boston Startup Weekend Presents “Sensored!” will take place February 8-10 at Microsoft’s New England Research & Development Center (NERD).

The theme of February’s event will be sensors and creative concepts that incorporate them. Devices like the iPhone use sensors for ambient light, proximity, WiFi, GPS, and much more. Clever teams may figure out a way to use something not typically considered a sensor, like a speaker or microphone. While developers and hardware enthusiasts may welcome this creative challenge, there is no specific background required to participate- anyone interested is sure to have something to contribute. Attendees will have access to many resources to help go from idea to prototype, including coaching from local startup veterans and technology leaders.

“We’re seeing so many great products emerge here in Boston (and around the world) that use sensors on mobile devices. We want to help entrepreneurs with ideas like UberSense, LevelUp, or Uber, bring their ideas to life by helping them find co-founders, teammates, and potentially investors,” said Ethan Bagley, one of the local volunteer organizers.

On Friday night, attendees will take the open mic to pitch their ideas to the group in 60 seconds or less. After groups form, the rest of the weekend will be spent formulating the most popular ideas with the help of mentors and seasoned startup entrepreneurs. By Sunday, teams will be ready to present their ideas in front of a panel of judges who will award prizes valued over $1,000 each, including hosting and marketing tools, all of which are targeted to help teams build their startups after the weekend.

“The weekend isn’t just about creating startups,” said volunteer organizer Crystal Germond. “It’s about creating community. We see a diverse group of people (students, CEOs, developers, designers, marketers, experienced or would-be entrepreneuers, and supporters) come together to innovate and support one another. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.”

This is Boston’s ninth Startup Weekend. Around 100 participants are expected to partake. Although the focus is local for Boston attendees, Startup Weekend is also hosting events in Arizona, Ireland, Nepal, Canada, Indiana, Japan, Connecticut, Ohio, and France this weekend.

Startup Weekend Boston presents “Sensored!” runs from Friday, February 8th at 5:00 PM to Sunday, February 10th at 8:30 PM at Microsoft’s NERD Center (One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142). For more information on this weekend’s event, as well as tickets to participate, please visit


Crystal Germond is one of the Organizers of Boston Startup Weekend.  You can follow Crystal on Twitter (@TheEsthete) on Twitter by clicking here.

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