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BevSpot Company Overview

BevSpot’s mission is to empower the global food and beverage industry with technology.

BevSpot builds easy-to-use online technology solutions for the global food and beverage industry. Through BevSpot’s food and beverage management software, customers can take control of their entire operation—from the bar to kitchen—on any device, all saved to the cloud. Today, BevSpot has empowered thousands of users worldwide to make data-driven decisions and grow their business.

BevSpot was born out of CEO Rory Crawford’s experience building a wine-ordering app. He soon realized that there was a much larger problem to solve—the entire beverage industry was managed offline. Inventory was tracked with pen and paper and orders were placed individually over the phone, with little access to reporting data.

Along with co-founders Chidubem Ezeaka and Alex Lesman, Rory founded BevSpot to provide the global food and beverage industry with powerful web-based software that helps them build better businesses.


Jobs at BevSpot

27-43 Wormwood Street, Suite 301
Boston, MA 02210

Employees should be proud of their impact on BevSpot, from work achievements to the respect given to co-workers and customers. Leave your mark.

Embrace ambitious goals; our toughest challenges drive us. You can stop at the wall or blow through it

Fail intelligently and learn fast. Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow

Focus on impact and simplify. Forget the fluff

People make our business. We judge our success by our customer’s success

We wouldn’t be where we are without the insight of our employees and customers working together, both those with long time experience or fresh perspectives. Whether across the office or across the country, we rely on cooperation. Value all voices

We're passionate about building better bar management software and serving the industry, together.

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