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3Play Media Company Overview

What We Do

We provide premium closed captioning, transcription, and subtitling solutions at very competitive prices. Our goal is to simplify the process by providing a user-friendly account system, fast turnaround, flexible API’s, and integrations with a multitude of video players, platforms, and lecture capture systems. We create closed captions and subtitles in many different formats and languages. We also develop video search plugins and a range of tools that save time and cut costs. Our commitment to innovation has led to 7 patents (granted and pending)–all of which focus on making the captioning, subtitling, and transcription process more efficient and less expensive.

How We Got Started

3Play Media was founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students researching affordable ways to make video accessible through innovative technology. Drawing on research from the MIT Spoken Language Systems Group, we developed a more efficient captioning and transcription process that combines automatic speech recognition with human editing cleanup.

Our Customers

Our services and products are used by more than 1,600 universities, companies, and government agencies across a wide range of industries. A few of our customers are Procter & Gamble, Time Warner Cable, MIT, Autodesk, the IRS, and the University of Wisconsin.

How Our Customers Benefit

Our captioning, transcription, and subtitling solutions increase the value of online video by making it accessible, usable, searchable, and SEO-friendly. Customers benefit in different ways. Educational institutions and government agencies benefit by complying with accessibility laws; media & entertainment producers and distributors benefit by complying with FCC captioning rules; online video publishers benefit from better SEO, searchability, and user engagement; market researchers and video producers gain productivity through video search, clipping, and editing tools.

Jobs at 3Play Media

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Check out our BizzPage on VentureFizz by clicking here. About the Job Does the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing tech companies in Boston excite you? As a 3Play Media Business Development Representative (BDR), you will drive demand for our video accessibility and engagement solutions and gain invaluable sales experience. 3Play Media is dedicated to your professional growth and will provide ongoing personal training and coaching. We are looking for a highly motivated and well-spoken individual to research, build, and...
Sales & Business Development
We’re thrilled to announce that we’re hiring to grow our team and our products! 3Play Media offers the unique opportunity to work in a company that offers both a startup-minded size and culture while being robustly backed by a steady stream of customers and projects. Every day, our system processes hundreds of hours of video content, improving and expanding the way people consume online media and making more of the web’s video content accessible. The Senior Accountant is responsible for capturing accounting data, processing daily transactions and ensuring a high level of accuracy and...
HR, Finance, & Operations
Does the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing tech companies in Boston excite you? As a 3Play Media Account Executive (AE), you will be responsible for taking a strategic sales approach to finding and winning new business for our video accessibility and engagement solutions. 3Play Media is dedicated to your professional growth and will provide ongoing personal training and coaching. We are searching for a highly motivated and experienced Account Executive to take 3Play Media’s award winning accessibility product to market. The AE’s primary responsibilities are to strategically...
Sales & Business Development
34 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA 02210

What’s it like to work at 3Play?

We have an awesome work environment! Our team is hard working, laid back, and fun. There are no politics or wasteful meetings and projects get done quickly and efficiently. The team is dedicated to building a successful company. We have a spacious office with lots of natural light, a game room, and a friendly dog named Bo who shares our views and ambitions. Your work will have a direct impact on our company’s success. Meet the team.

Marketing Assistant

"From the executives to new hires, it feels like everyone at 3Play makes a daily, conscious effort to contribute to a company culture you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else. It's like a perpetually self-fueling engine that encourages employees to work hard, have fun, and treat each other with mutual respect."

Software Engineer

"I love working at 3Play Media because of the people, the flexibility, and the interesting work I do every day. It's very rewarding to know that each day I will work with intelligent and capable coworkers to solve challenging problems."


February 13, 2020
Audio description is an audio track that narrates the relevant visual information in media and assumes the viewer cannot see the onscreen content. It can be compared to a sports broadcaster narrating the visual action of a game over audio. The descriptions…...
February 11, 2020
We are so excited to announce the release of our much anticipated Video Accessibility Certification! This free certification will teach you the ins and out of accessible video, while providing you with practical tips to implement into your current workflow.  Sign Up…...
February 7, 2020
Our annual Holiday Survey is distributed to customers at the end of each year in hopes of determining their experience using 3Play Media. When asked, “How do you feel about 3Play Media?”, our customers gave us outstanding feedback. 98% of customers gave…...
January 31, 2020
It’s once again the roaring 20s – a decade that will likely bring extraordinary innovation and unprecedented challenges. This year, content will continue to be king, but the way we approach our content strategies is changing. “Spray and pray” strategies are no…...
January 29, 2020
In the webinar, Motivating Faculty to Embrace Accessibility, Jennifer Pedersen, Ph.D., shares the University of Alaska Anchorage’s accessibility journey and gives insight into faculty perspectives on accessibility, what worked well, and what areas were challenging. She identifies ways to build accessibility into…...